Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


6. Help me Liam (6)

Maddies P.O.V

I invited Liam to stay for dinner. I took out the pizza and we sat at the island in my kitchen. Wow he is really attractive.

"Will you stay the night? I dont have any other friends to stay with and I am definately not staying here by myself" I asked nervously.

"Uhm... sure why not" He smiled.


"No funny buisness" I looked him dead in the eyes.

He spit out his drink "Oh my god don't worry" he laughed.

"So, any movies you like?" he asked me.

"I actually have a few really good ones haha!" I cheerfully said.

We watched one horror movie and Liam ended up being more scared than me. And after that we watched a comedy that Liam chose.

By this time it was 9:00.

I told him we could do the couch and the floor thing or my bed. I have a kingsize, so there would be no squishing dont worry.

"Im gonna have to go with the bed thing. Dont worry I wont pull anything" He chuckled.

I got on my pyjamas, and brushed my teeth and what not. And he put on some sweatpants and a tight tank top, that fit perfectly over his fit body. I couldn't help but stare.

"Your drooling" He smirked.

"Was not. Thats gross." I blushed.

We put the blankets over us. I turned to face him.

"Thank you so much Liam, for everything. I can tell we are going to  be good friends" I smiled.

"Yeah me too. And its no problem. Are you thinking of telling anyone about what happened?" He asked curiously.

I started tracing my fingers over his arm.

"Nope. I dont want to make things worst" I said.

"It might make things better" Liam suggested.

"I know. But, I dont want to take any chances" I replied.

I had my lamp on so we could still see eachother.

He just stared at me. My eyes. We were staring into eachothers.

"So what was life before you lived here." He asked.

"Well, my mom and dad have always been the same. They never have time for me. But at my last school. I was so happy, you know. I had lots of friends
I was in so many clubs. And it was just really good times there. But at the same time, I didn't really get close to anybody. Actually your the closest I've
ever got to anybody" I said. And with that, I held his hand.

"I'll be here. Whenever you need me. You can count on me" He reasurred me.

"Your perfect Liam. Why do they hate me so much?" I asked with my eyes filling up with tears again.

"They dont hate you, I just- I dont know why. I really dont. They are just getting their anger out, and they hate their own insecurities so they got mad at
you. Hmm. I dont know." He tried to explain.

"No one has ever made me this sad before. You know what. I am not going to be a sad person. I cant be... My mom and dad dont care so why should I?
I am going to that party tommorow and we are going to have fun" I insisted confidentaly.

"Sounds perfect" Liam said.

"Lets go to bed, Im getting tired" I yawned.
"Goodnight Liam" I whispered.

I shut the lamp off. And turned to my side.
I felt cold hands lay over my side.

"Goodnight Maddie, your perfect"

And with that I fell asleep.

I woke up due to the sun shining into my room. I was glad it was the weekend. I hate school here already. I stretched out my back and arms and just
layed there. I turned over to see Liam still facing towards me.

He was so cute when he sleeps.

After I have my shower and got ready Liam just woke up.

"Shit, I forgot to call my mom she'll be worried sick. I better run Maddie Im so sorry I'll still pick you up at 7 still." He said dissapionted running out of
the door. With all his stuff in his hands.

I must say I was excited for tonight. I dont think the boys will be there. Why would Liam take me to a place he knew they'd be there anyways?

The day flew by so fast.
Soon it was 6:30. I decided to wear some leggings and a cute top with a nice sweater. I would have worn a dress, but it was pretty chilly out.
I put my makeup on and did my hair very fast. My hair was supposed to be curled. But I didn't have time so I ended up just putting it in a braid and
straightening it. I took the braid out and my hair was super wavy. Which was perfect.

I heard a knock on my door, and I rushed down with my purse.

"You look so nice" Liam said.
I started to blush. I knew I didn't look like a model or anything, but it was still nice of him to say that.
"You look super good too!" I exclaimed.
"Thank you" He smiled.

Liam didn't have a car, so we walked to the house. We held hands all the way there.

"Who's hosting the party anyways?" I asked.
"Uhm some kid named Zack something I dont even know" Liam mumbled.

"Should we even be here?" I asked worried.

"Yeah ofcorse, he doesnt care who comes." Liam laughed.

As soon as we got there. The house was packed with teenagers. Lots of them were drinking. Some kids were smoking weed, and outside some kids
were plain smoking. I never understood smoking normal cigarettes.

"Isn't this lovely" I said sarcasticaly.

I did not feel comfortable here. What was I thinking.

"Want something to drink" He asked me.

"Uhm I'll actually have a beer" I said.

"Nice, I think I'll just have a pop" Liam said.

He brought me to the kitchen. As Liam poored the drinks into the cups, I examined who was here. Ew, there are those snobs from my school.
I looked around more, and thats when I spotted Harry and Zayn. Oh no. I hid behind Liam right away. He passed me my drink.
I chugged the whole thing. I heard some cheers from some loud boys around us.

"Woah, what was that all about" Liam asked.

"Harry and Zayn are here" I said nervously.

"Get me another beer" I demanded. He did as he was told.

"Be careful. We can leave you know" Liam suggested.

"No I want to stay" I said.

I took a sip of the beer. Ew its gross.

"Liam I need to go to the bathroom. Go find some friends I'll meet up with you" I said.

"You sure?"

"Yes Im sure. I'll be fine."

Oh my god. I had a massive headache. I dont take alcohal well at all. I almost was at the bathroom when someone stopped me.

"Look who it is" A familiar pitchy voice said.

I turned around to see Louis and Niall.

"You didn't think we wouldn't be here, now did you?" He laughed.

I was getting kind of dizzy.

"No, please go" I said pushing my way out.

I felt kind of sick, and dizzy. Things were getting a tad bit blury.

"Liam?" I yelled for him. No response.
I made my way to the kitchen. All the people were a fuzzy image.

"Liam?!" I yelled again.

My head was hurting extrememly bad now.

I held my head. I felt extremely weak.

I stumbled into the living room and sat on a chair. I layed my head on the side. The music was blaring but I still found a slightness in peace.
I felt like dying. I just want Liam to take me home to bed.
Everything went black, I think I'm asleep.

I woke up, things still blury. There were two people who put their arms around me and held me up. They walked me into a room with no people.

"Liam?!" I whispered. No response. I was so tired and weak, I flew onto the bed shutting my eyes.

I heard a "I'll come out when Im done, than you can take care of her"

The lights turned off, and the door shut. The music faded.

What was happening. Where was I. Things were still blury. My head was pounding. My heart was pumping. Oh god, I feel so sick and weak.
I was breathing heavy.

I couldn't see anything.

Until somebody fell on top of me. Their warm lips touched my neck.

"Liam is that you?" I said, faintly.

"Shut up" I heard them say. I couldnt tell how there voice sounded like. Too much was going on in my mind.

Somebody was putting their full body weight onto mine. It was getting more hard to breathe, and even more hard to think.

Everything was spinning.

"Liam!" I yelled as loud as I could.

"Shh!" They hissed, and he hit me in the head.

Something bad was happening. I started crying.

He then pulled my top off. And snapped my bra off.

"Oh my god, Liam help!" I screamed.

They put their hand over my mouth.

I tried to move, to get out of their release but I couldn't. I was about to pass out any moment.

I tried to hit his back. They grabbed my arm, and put it above my head. Holding my arms there.

They grabbed my hair. "Shut up" They  demanded.

"Liam" I cried quietly.

"Liam, please help" I cried even more.

"Liam!" I screamed once again.

I heard a zip noise. They pulled down my pants.

"Please dont. Please" I cried. My teeth were chattering, and was was flinching, I couldnt breathe. Everything was happening so fast.

"Somebody... Liam!" I whispered.

They took there pants off. Their body was cold. They held me in my place.

"Liam.... Liam come and help me." I cried as a shook with fear.

My body  was covered in goosebumps.

I hit him in the head.

"Ow! Stay... still" he struggled to say.

All I felt was pain.

The music was still playing. The room was still pitch dark. I was still in pain. I am still sick. I am still scared out of my mind.

I just needed someone to come into the room and save me.

My tears were running down my face like waterfalls by now. I was crying like a maniac.

"Please. Stop" I cried.


They were being so forceful. I could barely move.

"Shh" "Shh" He whispered in my ear, and pushing my hair back.

I shut my eyes, and passed out.

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