Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


2. Gym class. (2)

Maddie's P.O.V

I made my way to my last period. Its still the first day of school. And I've only made one friend. -Kind of. Liam. I dont know though, he's friends with those harry,zayn,and louis guys. Gym class was my last period.. My schedual:

First Period: Math

Second Period: English

Third Period: Art

Fourth Period: Gym

I told my teacher Miss.Janoski that I didn't have my gym clothes. But since it was November and they already started she gave me extras. I'm only in gym class this year to get it over with. I didn;t do it in 9th, or 10th, and I need to do it at some point to graduate.

I really dont want to be here.

I walking into the changeroom and all the girls started staring at me. No one laughed, but it was silent for a few minutes until everyone started laughing. Ugh. Im so ebarrassed. Whats wrong with me?

They were still laughing and I heard some whipsers. They were still all staring.

"What?" I blurted out.

"We heard you moved here because you got knocked up at your old school" A blonde said smiling at me with pitty.

"What the hell, no? My mom got a job!" I yelled.

"Sure there" Another girl said.

"Where did you even here that from?" I questioned furiously. I started to go red.

"I heard it from Zayn" The blonde girl said.

"Well I heard from Harry" another girl stated.

"I heard from Louis" Another girl said.

Why would they do that? Those jerks. Ugh. What the hell am I suppose to say.

"Well you are all stupid, if you actually believe them. I haven't even talked to them" I yelled. I was tensing up.

"Why are you so rude?" The blonde one asked over dramatic.

"I'm rude? Look at yourself you bitch." I stated. I was already done changing by that point. And I walked out there. My feelings were hurt. But I couldn't show it.

I walked out fiercly.

I walked into the gym. No one was in there yet except that blonde irish boy Niall something. I just kind of stood their akwardly looking at my phone until I was inturupted.

"Miss.Dawson there are to be no phone use in class. I'll give it to you at the end of class" She said very formal-ish.

So I stood there. Looking at my shoes. She lent me a pair of fairly nice neon pink gym shoes. Then I realized I was standing in a room with one of those boys friends.

"Uhm, what the hell?" I stated looking at the blonde boy.

"Sorry, I dont follow?" He said confused.

"You and your friends told people lies about me?" I asked furiously.

"Harry told me too." He said looking guilty.

"Oh well in that case, I forgive you" I gave him a fake smile.

"Do you think just cause' Harry told you too that makes it okay?!" I yelled.

More people were comming in now.

"Eh I dont know" He shrugged.

"It is kind of funny, the reactions we got." He chuckled to himself.

"Well its not funny, so tell people the truth" I said impatient.

I guess Louis and Zayn are in this class. They came behind me and started laughing.

"Ha, guess you found out" Louis laughed.

"Oh my god, why would you do that?" I asked in a dead serious way.

"Cause you walked in that class all pretty thinking your better than everybody else" Zayn said with no sympathy what-so-ever.

"No I didn't" I hissed.

"I talked to Maddie this morning and she is definately not stuck up" I heard a voice from behind me.

"What the hell Liam, why are you sticking up for her" Louis hissed. I turned around and saw Liam there giving me a 'im sorry' look.

"Thank you" I smiled.

"Oh shut up" Louis said.

"Seriously stop telling people that. Were did you even come up with an idea like that?" I whisper yelled.

"What was that?" Louis shouted making the whole gym class turn and look at us. The gym teacher was no where to be found.

"You got an abortion! You filthy skank how could you. To a poor innocent baby?" Zayn added.

The room filled with whispers. Then went dead silent.

Harry then walked in joining the boys. Then Zayn whispered something to Harry and with that, Harry had a smug look on his face.

My eyes started filling up with tears. There was a big clump in my throat. I mouthed to them 'why' and Louis and Zayn gave me smirks. Niall was eating a bag of chips and Im pretty sure he was more intersted in the chips than this whole situation.

One tear streamed down my cheek. Then before I knew it, a few more did. I tried not to cry. Really hard. So hard, that I actually only let out a few more tears before I stopped.

The gym teacher came back with a confused expression on her face. I ran up to her.

"Can you tell Louis,Harry,Zayn,and Niall to stop spreading lies about me please" I asked impatiently. "Please." one more tear streamed down my face.

"Boys, cut it out" she yelled.

"Miss.Dawson I'd like to have you know, there is no room for drama makers in my gym class." She said blankly.

How could she do that to me. Let alone infront of the whole class.

"I wasn't tryin-" I was cut off by her saying "Just let it go for now" she said raising her voice.

A few giggles filled the room.

"Shut it all of you" She hissed.

"Now go to your squads" she yelled.

"Maddie, you can join squad four" she pointed to the one at the end. Good Liam was in my group. I didn't reconize anybody else. But there was also Niall. Oh god. Atleast it wasn't Louis,or Harry, or Zayn. They give me the chills. Niall just kind of seems like a puppy dog that follows them around too scared to speak for what he stands for.

I simply ignored Niall when he asked me what day it was. Idiot.

"Im so sorry about those boys. I've never seen them like this" LIam turned around and said looking sad.

"Thats really cruel what they did" I said looking down. With a blank look on my face.

"I tried to get them to stop, and I told people it wasn't true but everyone just ignored me" He said feeling guilty.

"Thanks, that means alot. My day is not going as planned. But you've made it a little better" I smiled.

That gym class. The other boys just avoided me, accept for a comment saying that I ran slow during the laps. They are so immature. When we do laps, your supposed to jog not sprint.

It was the end of the day and I went to the office to get my locker. The principle led me to the 3rd floor.

"Sorry we couldnt give it to you this morning, there were some issues we were dealing with" He half smiled.

"Its okay" I said politly.

Here it is locker 542.

Thank you. It was just before last period bell rang. ( I got let out early to get my locker. )


The hallways fludded with kids. I even got shoved once.

I was ahead of everyone else and I got all my stuff in my bag. I was leaving when I shut my locker. Zayn stood beside me.

"Oh wow. Hey locker buddy" He smirked.

His breath smelt of cigarretes.

"Please speak away from my face, actually dont speak to me at all. You smell like smoke asshole." I stated as I stated as I walked away.

"Who the hell do you think you are. Your going to regret that" He yelled as I walked down the hall.

I knew I shouldn't have said that...



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