Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


11. Dont need any friends (11)

I woke up. Cold. And cranky. I just wanted to stay in bed forever. But I knew I couldnt. It took me a good 15 minutes to get up

Screw this. Screy Zayn and Harry. Screw everyone. Screw everything.

I just want this all to go away.

I know Liam is trying to help with this whole situation. But he's making it worse. As long as Im friends with him Zayn and Harry and possibly Louis will hate me.I dont want anypart about it. I just want to ignore it. And frankly I dont even care.

I sloppily did my makeup and hair and decided to walk to school at 7:30. I needed time by myself and I didn't feel like lieing to my mom again this morning. I think she knew something was wrong. But she didn't care. She never does.

I got to my locker and it was so early nobody was there.

I shivered as I took my jacket off. I looked at myself in my locker mirror. And tried to fix myself up a bit.

I was interrupted by somebody running up behind me and saying "Hi Maddie" in a yippy voice.

I turned around to see Liam.

"What are you doing here so early?" I questioned, not really caring.

"Im in the running club" He explained.

"Listen I think we should tell the principle today about what happened. You know?" He asked nervously.

"No. Liam please leave me alone from now on. I dont need any friends or any 'protecters' I just want to be alone. And dont you dare tell anybody. It stays between us. That it was Harry and Zayn. Or just dont mention it at all" I growled.

He looked stunned. Shocked.

"Please tell me whats wrong. I'll help you out" He insisted.

"Liam thank you but just leave. I really dont want you here. Ever. You've just made things worse." I said harshly.

"Maddie, whats gotton into you?" He asked confused.

"Nothing. I just dont want to be bothered." I said slamming my locker and making my way to the cafateria. I bought a chocolate chip muffin and sat down by myself. No one was here yet besides two boys on the other side of the gym.

I played on my phone a bit. Not amused.I returned to make my way to math class. It was still only 8:20. People were starting to crowd the place. I pushed my way through into the math class. It was empty and quiet. I took a seat in the far left away from where I usually sit.

I was still missing my journal and I had nothing to do.

Some girls walked in. Giving me stares. But Im ignoring it all now. I plugged my headphones in and listened to some depressing music.

I then notices Liam and Niall walking in together. They sat where they usually sat. Giving me akward looks now and then.

Harry,Zayn,and Louis walked in. I ignored it all. And I did that the entire day. Nobody bothered me and I didn't bother them. My mind was a blur all day and I just listened to my music all day.

It was the end of the day.

I walked out of school before anyone else did. I had all my stuff and was in no mood to go to my locker. Especially with Zayn there.

It was snowing today. More heavily. It did look pretty though. I wish I brought my mits.

It was my third week here and Im miserable.

I was around the park area and had my headphones in listening to the fray.

I actually found piece. Until something hit my head. It was hard and cold. It was a snowball.

I turned around to see Harry and Zayn laughing. I turned around and ignored them hoping they would stop.

I turned my head to see if they were still behind me. They were. Now with Louis. Louis had his headphones in and hood up just like me avoiding eye contact. I turned around again. I sighed. I dont know what I did that made them hate me so much. I should have kept my cocky mouth shut.

I took my headphones out, and dropped my phone in the snow when they ran up behind me and scared me.

My heart raced so fast I was so scared they had just come out of no where.

Zayn reached down for my phone and handed it to me.

"I think this belongs to you?" He asked with a smile on his face. Weird.

I just kept wallking not bothering to put headphones in again.

"Maddie we need to talk" Harry said grabbing my wrist.

"Theres nothing to talk about" I mumbled fidgiting out of his hold.

"Well yeah there is" He demanded annoyed.

"Listen Im not going to tell. I would just like it for you guys to not talk about it, or talk to me ever again please and thankyou" I groaned. I really just wanted to get home I was quite cold.

"Really you wont?!" Zayn asked excited.

I just stared at him dead in the eyes allthough I didn't feel anything.

Harry nudged Zayns elbow.

I turned around and continued to walk.

Then somebody grabbed my hair.
"What the hell?" I yelled facing Zayn who had a smile on his face.

"I thought you liked it rough" He said sarcastically. My faced turned beat red of embarassment and anger.

"Thats not funny" I said seriously.

"Well Harrys laughing" He explained pointed at Harry's abnoxious smile as Harry laughed.

They looked so normal. Like almost innocent. Boys you see at the mall or movies not causing harm. But they were capable of so much pain. They smoked gross cigarretes and had no care for other peoples feelings. They were litterally demons sent from hell.

"I gave you back Liam! Whatelse could you want" I yelled.

"Please, hes not going to be our friend now. And I dont even think Niall wants to be our friend. All because of you!" Harry yelled.

"Me? Because of me! Its not my problem you guys are sick people. Its not my fault you guys have no respect for anybody other than yourselves." I argued.

Some parents started watching and decided to leave with their kids.

"Your a bitch and nobody likes you, you know! Even the god damn teachers think your a freak!" Harry yelled straight into my face.

"Go to hell. Both of you, where you guys belong." I said rolling my eyes.

I was getting extremely uncomfortable right about now.

"Aweh Im going to cry you really hurt my feelings Maddie" Zayn faked cry. I swear to god I couldnt understand Zayn half the time, he has an extremely thick british accent.

"Your a slut!" Harry added.

"Your girlfriend is! And shes fake too! She's disgusting and think she is all that. But the sad part is even a loser like her could do better than you. Your just a loser that is going no where in life. The two of you. And Zayn doest even have a girlfriend cause no one wants to be around you, now do they?" I yelled. I realized what I had just said. There goes me and my big mouth again...

"You think your so tough eh? Well Liams not here love. So what are you going to do now?" Harry questioned looking extremely anxious to here what I had to say.

"I dont need Liam to protect me. Im not any weaker than you guys" I protested comming off a little too confident.

"You think you, eh?" Harry said with delite on his face.

"I know so." I said with my chin up high. Screw being sad and depressed I was too fed up. Im not going to stand around and be a child who gets picked on.

"Yeah and I dont need to rape a girl to prove it either!" I yelled.

"Rape? You actually think we raped you! Please you didn't stop us!" Harry yelled right back.

"I tried! But I was sick and you knew it!" I yelled. I shoved Harry, right after that Zayn shoved me back. I stumbled back.

"We dont rape girls, especially ones as ugly as you!" Harry yelled.

"Your the one who asked me out on the first date and I said no! And your feelings got hurt and thats when you started all of this!" I demanded.

'You dont know a thing about me or Zayn" Harry said anxiously as his face turned bright red.

"I know enough about you, to know that your psychotic" I yelled.

'I bet you any money you dont know anything about us" Harry yelled.

"$50 your on" I smirked. I was hiding the fact that I was actually still scared of them.

"Alright, lets go get some coffee from starbucks at the book place and we'll chat." Zayn suggested.

As if I was going to go with them, its probrobly a trap.

"No, who knows what you guys are up to!?" I hissed frowning.

"We wont do anything, promise." Zayn whined looking annoyed.

"Fine. Walk 10 feet ahead." I said agreeing.

"Deal." Harry mummbled.

They did as they were told. It took us about 10 minutes. The whole way there I just stared at them. I payed close attention to everything they did. They did everything normally. But yet it pissed me off.

We grabbed a few seats and ordered.

"So..." I started off. I couldn't look them in the eyes not yet.

"What was I thinking comming here with you two. You guys aren't going to apoligize or anything." I said standing up.

"Take a seat bitch" Zayn said sarcastically.

Harry nudged Zayns elbow.

"Shut up." He said giving Zayn a 'wtf' face.

"Listen we need to explain what happened that night" He started pulling me to sit back down.

"Whatever. You know I could care less and Im never, ever going to forgive you." I moaned as I sat down.

"Yada yada yada.. Let me get on. Me and Zayn we were wasted okay! We didn't know what we were doing" He started off saying.

"Oh poor baby. Im such a stupid girl. I should definately forgive Harry and Zayn. They were drunk so who cares right?!" I said in a very, very sarcastic high voice.

"Listen we dont want to be friends. Well obviously. But please, Im begging you dont tell anyone. We'd be in deep shit. Please." Zayn asked grabbing my hand. What the hell?

I removed my hand away quickly.

"Your so pathetic. It actually makes me laugh." I said not amused.

They both looked at me nervously and worried.

"Im not going to tell. Cause well its not exaclty easy to tell people that. And I dont want to be known as 'that' girl. And to be honest I really dont care. I just want you to screw off for the rest of my life." I insisted.

I walked out not looking back. I pulled out a cigarrete from my bag. I stole a few from my mom. I dont smoke, but I had been having a few puffs now and then for the past few weeks. Just to cope with everything.

I took a few inhales before squishing it into the snow.

I was leaving when somebody said "Well, well, well you smoke now too?" It was Zayn. I could tell by the thick accent.

"Yup" I mummbled began walking away.

I dont know what happened today. At all. I was so confused. They weren't being nice, but they weren't trying to not be rude as they explained the night. And they weren't even apoligizing. Those boys dont make any sense.

"What the hell? Babe I love you. You know I do! C'mon please!" I heard Harry mummble into his phone. I snuck around the corner and eased dropped.

"What was that about?" Zayn asked furiously.

"She broke up with me!" He admitted. He seemed embarassed and mad.

Thats when I got a text sending my ringtone go off. Loud. Zayn and Harry looked back and saw me. Harry looked extremely mad. He began running over to me. He shoved me hard this time what the hell?

"What now?!" I yelled/

"bitch, you broke me and my girlfriend up!" He yelled right in to my face. Also spitting on me. Disgusting.

His curls were flying all over his face now allthough he was attempting to push them back.

"I didn't do any-" I was cut off my harry punching me in the stomach. Right in the stomach. I fell to the ground the wind was knocked out of me. I held my stomach because it hurt so much and I was trying to catch a breath but it wouldnt happen. I started to cry. Great. I had never been punched before. Let alone by a guy!

Zayn kicked me right in the stomach and then it all went blurry. I remember it hurting like hell though.

I woke up behind the building. Cold. My hands were numb, everything was numb.

I was outraged. I could punch anyone in the face right now. I swear to god. Im so pissed. How could anybody do that? I really dont understand.

Never in a million years would I have ever thought this would happen to me. Never. I didn't think it would happen to anyone to be quite honest. This is sick. This needs to stop. I guess my big mouth isn't helping this whole situation. Maybe I should just... apoligize. Be the bigger person. I know I did no harm. But this is the only thing I could think of.

I walked home. In the cold and all alone. Hoping tommorow will be better.











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