Jerks. (One Direction Fanfic AU)

I was always that happy girl, making everybodys day. With a carefree heart, and lots of friends, and was in school clubs, Until grade 11 hit. And I had to move schools. Where I met, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam.


15. Akward family dinner (15)

Everybody followed me with my eyes as I went to the door to see who was there.

I slowly opened it, as I did the cold air hit me like a knife. It was Liam and Niall? What are they doing here? I told them they shouldnt be here at this time we're still all freaked out. Im not sure my parents are exactly happy with it since Liam is the one that took me to the party. I didn't however tell them about how Niall was laughing with Louis when they saw me after I came out of the bathroom crying and I looked a mess.

I put my thoughts aside for the moment. And put a fake smile on my face but I also tried to hint at them that I was thinking wtf.

"Hey Maddie! Is this a bad time?" Niall asked kind of shouting in a thick Irish accent.

I nodded my head to my family at the table with big eyes.

'Oh' Liam mouthed.

It was snowing out. And they looked so cold. So after deciding in my head weather to let them in or not. I decided yes.

"Uhm mom, Liam and Niall are here. You remember Liam dont you?" I said nervously shaking in my position.

"Oh. Uhm. But ofcorse" She said trying to sound pleasant. I feel that if my relatives were'nt here they wouldn't be so generous.

My dad looked at me and my mom confused and angry. He let it go though.

"Come and sit, won't you?" He said. Then I seen him role his eyes.

"Sure. Thank you" Liam said. They took off their coats. Niall wore a knit sweater and some hipster glasses yet again. And Liam wore some jeans and a white button up shirt. I took my seat again, and told them to take a seat aswell. Niall sat beside me, and Liam sat beside my cousin... Amber. The new step dad sat beside Niall, and Natalie sat beside Amber. And my parents and their mother sat on the ends.

There was dead silence for a good 5 minutes. Pure akwardness.

"Uhm so everybody, this is Liam and Niall. They're two of my friends and their very nice. Liam, Niall this is My Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins Natalie and Amber" I said taking a deep breath at the end.

I could see across the table, Amber was eyeing Liam and Niall up and down. What an idiot, Im right here.

We all talked abit about the weather, and school and ice breaker conversations. Until something came up.

Liam and Niall started to get giggly with Amber which annoyed the crap out of me. And suddenly I kicked Liams leg from under the table.

"Ouch!" He whisper yelled.

Me and him laughed while everyone else just looked at us like we were crazy.

"So Liam, do you play anysports" Amber asked Liam nudging his elbow.

"Uhm yeah, I run on the running team. I was third best in England last year" He said smiling at my relatives.

They all looked impressed. Which again, annoyed the crap out of me.

The night actually went pretty well. Liam and Niall got along good with my parents. And the whole time felt like we were all a little family. Then I was brutelly reminded that in reality things are going really shitty for me.

"Stop looking at me like that, you look like a rapist" Amber laughed looking at Liam when Liam was asking her if she had a boyfriend as a joke.

Niall spit out a glass of milk he was drinking and it flew everywhere. My cousins didn't understand. My aunt didn't understand. My new step uncle didn't understand. But we did. Rape jokes are something thats going to get to me now often. It sucks.

"What I dont get it?" My dumb aunt asked.

"Nothing. Dinners over. We should all be getting some rest, yeah? Maddie will show you your rooms everyone and it was good seeing you tonight boys" My dad said trying to end everything as soon as possible.

As we put our dishes away. Niall and Liam came over to me.

"Here, we got you a present. A christmas present. You cant open it til then, okay?" Niall said nudging me reassuring I dont open it.

"Yeah, yeah I know. Gee. Now I feel bad. I didn't get you guys anything yet. What do you guys want?" I said all anxious.

"Nothing" Liam smiled.

"Oh, come, like i'm going to believe that." I sarcastically laughed.

"I'll figure something out." I insisted.

As they were putting their jackets back on. Niall got a text. He glanced up at me, and looked back down. Taking a big gulp.

"Who texted you?" I asked concerned.

"Nothing, I mean nobody." He said reasurring me. Pfft. Whatever I cant over think things. That gets me nowhere.

I opened the door for them. And they both gave me a big hug. Which took me by suprise. Last time I made physical contact with either of them was the night Liam stayed over. Which was a while ago. I smiled and hugged them both tightly. No-ones here for me anymore. I needed someone. And if Niall and Liam were the ones, I dont care.

They left. And I felt sad. I actually felt something wow. I haven't in forever. Things have been so dull. Unamusing. Truths sake I just felt like nothing was worth it. I need things to change.

I forgot I needed to show my cousins where they would sleep that night. Our house was kind of bigish well we had one guest room. Where they would be sleeping. My aunt and uncle were getting a hotel. I could only imagine what they'd be doing right now. And I dont want to know.

I walked up the stairs with them following.

"So you know that Harry kid?" Amber asked very intersted in what I had to say.

"God no. Well yes, actually I do. He's complete scum." I said harshly.

"Oh well I thought he was pretty nice and really hot" She continued to say.

I looked back at her dead in the eyes.

"He's not cute. He's not hot. And he's definately not nice. Okay?" I shouted. My mom was watching but didn't say anything. She kind of smirked in a way, she hated Amber as much as I did and thought she was a brat.

"Fine, whatever you say" She agreed finally shutting her mouth. Natalie stayed quiet. Which is how I liked it to be.

After I was done settleing down. I went to my room. I flew in my bed not taking my makeup off. I was exhausted. Tommorow winter break starts so I wont have to worry about missing much school anyways. It seems the past few nights I've just been so tired and lazy.

And before I knew it. I was asleep.




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