Distance(another sequel to one direction vampires)

This is another sequel for one direction vampires but if you want to read this read my book one direction vampires and then read the other book the love story then read this.DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT A SPOILER!

Megan winters moved to tacoma Washington so that her baby Jessica can have a normal life but what happens when she finds out that her baby is really a human.and also what happens when there's a one direction concert in tacoma Washington?.


1. Werewolf


Megans pov i looked at jasmines eyes and knew that she isn't one of us.her eyes don't go red.i put her in the bed and started crying.

4 yrs later~~

As i was on the computer a tab came up and said"has zayn found another girl?."I clicked on it and a name"samantha"came up.i just ignored it and was pissed.2 years ago i told him that when i came back if i did that we would take care of our baby but i never told him shes human.jasmine came in the room and said mommy!.i giggled and she said can we go to a concert.i said sure which one?.she said one diwection!.i looked shocked and she said pwetty pwetty pleaze.she also did the face when you stick out your bottom lip and tilted her head.i said fine.knowing she would keep annoying me.i said when is it?.she said tommowow.she ran back into her room and i searched it up.it said tomorrow at 5pm.uuh can this day get any worse!.just then a werewolf came in.

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