Distance(another sequel to one direction vampires)

This is another sequel for one direction vampires but if you want to read this read my book one direction vampires and then read the other book the love story then read this.DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT A SPOILER!

Megan winters moved to tacoma Washington so that her baby Jessica can have a normal life but what happens when she finds out that her baby is really a human.and also what happens when there's a one direction concert in tacoma Washington?.


2. Concert

Megans pov i locked Jasmine in her room and came up to the werewolf.he was about to grab me when I said wait!.he stopped and turned into a human.i said why do you need me?.he said your the most powerful vampire in the world and the alpha wants us to kill you.i said well can you atleast kill me when my kids die!.he looked suprised and said those are your kids!.i said yes. he said fine!but the alpha will find you after they die.i gulped.he got out and went away.i sighed and unlocked jasmines door and she was sound asleep.i checked the time 11:47.i went to bed and fell asleep.


i woke up and remember the memories of yesterday.i got Jessica out of bed.dressed her up and we left to the car.i drove to the concert and when i arrived i saw the guy that is a traitor.

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