Distance(another sequel to one direction vampires)

This is another sequel for one direction vampires but if you want to read this read my book one direction vampires and then read the other book the love story then read this.DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT A SPOILER!

Megan winters moved to tacoma Washington so that her baby Jessica can have a normal life but what happens when she finds out that her baby is really a human.and also what happens when there's a one direction concert in tacoma Washington?.


3. Come home

Megans pov i tried turning around but zayn said MEGAN!.then he grabbed me.i turned around to see him.i said what do you need!.he said why are you ignoring me!.i said you cheated on me!.he said well you left!.i said well i was coming back until you went back with samantha!.he said just....just....just leave me alone Samantha's here!.i said fine!.i ran inside with jasmine and she asked for back stage passes.that reminded me of how me and zayn met and how he protected me.i said no.she kept on asking and i paid for backstage passes and tickets for the concert.when i came in we went to the front row and listened to the songs.samantha came on stage and said"hi my name is samantha in zayns NEW girlfriend".then when the concert ended we went backstage and Jessica went to meet all of them and i was on the couch.when i saw her i went to her and she was meeting harry i hugged him and said"i missed you".he said"i missed you too Megan".then the last one was zayn.jasmine said"zayn I'm your biggest fwan".she hugged him and he said"thanks".whwn she stopped hugging him she sat on the couch.i went up to zayn and said"zayn i have something to tell you".he said"what now".i said"jasmine is a human".he looked shocked.i looked at my engagement ring he gave me and took it off when he wasnt looking.i said"and zayn since your cheating on me here!".i gave him the ring and he said"I'm sorry please take me back she forced me to date her".i said"how!".he said"she said that if i didn't date her she would kill layn and jasmine!".then he grabbed my hand and put my ring back on.i said"fine but wheres layn?".he said in that room.he pointed to a door and i opened it.i saw layn playing on the computer.i quietly called  jasmine and said"layn meet you sister"he turned around and said"mom?".i hugged him and he hugged jasmine.i said I'm sorry for leaving you ill do anything to repay you.he said anything?.i said anything.then he said something i expected he said"come home".

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