Teach me how to love (GxG)

Harley Is the bad girl of the school. She's failing math, so her teacher assigns her a tutor, Shaylee. What happens when the two secretly start to fall for eachother. Will they confess their love? Read to find outX3 I suck at descriptions.


5. School day

Shaylee's POV

I layed my head on my arms as I sat with my friends during lunch.

I can't stop thinking about Harley.

Her fingers felt so good on my skin.. Almost intoxicating.

I blushed, thinking of all the other places her fingers could go.

"Shayyyy!" My best friend, Nikk said, patting my head. (Sry i changed it to nikk)

"Whaatt" I groaned with annoyance as my thoughts of Harley slipped away.

"Are you sick?" Jordan asked, grabbing my face and rubbing my cheeks.

I saw Harley from across the lunchroom and I blushed more.

"You look flushed." She said.

"N-No I'm fine." I replied, looking down.

"You seem pissed." Nikk said.

Jordan stood up and said she needed to talk with me 'alone'

We walked into the girls bathroom and I leaned against the counter.

"Who is it?" She asked, giggling.

"W-What?" I gulped.

"Come onnn. You look more than flustered. You look aroused." She said, putting a hand on my cheek.

"There's no one." I said, looking down.

She got really close and placed her hands on the counter behind me.

She had me trapped, and she knows I get 'uncomfortable' when a girl or guy gets really close to me and I can't move.

"Who. Is. It." She asked again.

I sighed, "Harley..."

She gasped and backed up against the wall, having a fake seizure.

I stood there, looking at her laughing.

"Harley. As in Harley King." She said.

"Y-Yes.." I said, biting my lip slightly.

"The bad girl of the school." She said again.

"... She's not that bad." I said, looking down.

"Oh my god you sooo like her." She grinned and I put a hand over her mouth.

"Shhh. If you tell anyone I'll kill you." I said sternly.

A muffled 'mhm' came out.

And I let go.

Then Harley walked into the bathroom.

And I felt my body heat up.

Oh god I'm soo crushing on her..

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