Teach me how to love (GxG)

Harley Is the bad girl of the school. She's failing math, so her teacher assigns her a tutor, Shaylee. What happens when the two secretly start to fall for eachother. Will they confess their love? Read to find outX3 I suck at descriptions.


7. Lips of an Angel

Harley's POV

Shaylee's coming over tonight.

So I'm gonna look nice and sexy to see what she'll say.

I got out of the shower and dried my hair so it was fluffy and soft.

Then I put on some shorts and a pierce the veil v-neck that showed my C cups that I am very proud of.

I put on some eyeliner and mascara for her and waited for her to get here.

I heard her knock on the door and I answered it, opening it up and leaning against it so she could see me well.


Shaylee's POV

Harley opened up the door and my cheeks turned bright red.

She. Looked. Sexy. As. Fuck.

She leaned against the door and my eyes drifted down to her perfect ass and I blushed more.

"Like what you see?" She smirked.

"Um.." I stuttered.

She let me in and as I walked by I smirked, "Yes. I do like what I see."

She smacked my ass and I gasped.

She chuckled and walked upstairs.

I followed her and we walked into her room.

She pulled me onto her bed and I dropped my books and fell on top of her.

"Soo my little freshman. What are we learning tonight" She said.

I blushed, "Um... Angles?"

"How about we forget about math." She said, sitting the books on the floor.

She pulled me into her lap so i was sitting across her lap.

"And how about we focus on chemistry." She said, winking and biting her lip.

Her fingers ran lightly down my arm, resting on my thigh.

I blushed deeply, smiling.

We leaned in and our lips touched.

She gripped my shirt and pulled me closer.

My fingers buried into her hair, we fell back onto the bed laying down.

She flipped us over so I was on my back and kissed me harder, licking my bottom lip.

I opened my mouth and she slid her tongue inside, making me moan.

She smirked and ran a hand down my side.

I shivered and tugged on her hair lightly, making her moan into my mouth which only turned me on even more.

We pulled away, gasping for breath and I bit my lip.

"Wow.. You're a really good kisser.." She breathed, leaning down to kiss my neck.

I moaned as her lips sucked on my neck.

She started to slide a hand down my pants when my phone went off.

I jumped and grabbed it.

It was my mom.


I answered it slightly out of breath.

"H-Hello?" I asked as Harley's hands ran under my shirt and over my skin.

I shivered and inhaled sharply.

"Hey sweetheart! I'll be there in a little bit, just wanted to make sure everything was okay" She said.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Harley who seemed to be enjoying looking at my body.

"Pst ask her if you can stay the night" She asked.

I blushed and asked.

My mom said it was okay.


I hung up and Harley's body didn't hesitate to place itself back on mine.

I wrapped my arms around her neck.

"So... What does this make us?" I asked as she layed down and pulled me close to her.

"Well it sure does make you mine." She said, pecking my cheek.

I grinned and buried my face in her neck.



I'm dating a bad girl... 

So hott!!!!

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