My Boy

It's like he is meant for me.. but I don't know it's just him..

Nicole, a small town girl who meets One Directions 1/5 band members in a convent store... this is when my world gets a little weird..


3. Hazza

---------Eairler the same day--------

Morgan drove us into town, so we could tell the girls that we were going to there concert.

"Dude, Nicole the girls are gonna freak out when they see the tickets in your hands at Molleigh's house!"

"No joke! Hey can we stop at the Corner Express first? So I can get a soda and some sour gummy worms?"

"Sure thing, girly!" She said with a funny looking smile

How could you not love this girl I mean like seriously, she's freaking awesome!! I thought to myself.

"Hey um go on to Molleigh's I'll walk there" I said to her. As we pulled up to the Corner.

"Ok, see you there!" I closed the door and walked inside the corner.

"Hey Mary! How are you today?" I asked the older lady who has worked at the corner for the last ten years, because she wasn't ready to retire yet and loved to meet new people who where traveling.

"I'm fine. How are you Nicole?"

"Oh I'm great! I won some tickets to a band me and my friends are really in love with!"

"That's great sweetie!" She replied with pure kindness

"Yes Ma'am, it is!" I replied with a huge smile on my face.

"Excuse me?" I heard as deep male voice behind me. " Are you done here?"

"Oh yeah. Just give me a second." MAN!! Look at all that sexiness! And his hair!

Mary interrupted me thoughts "Well that will be $3.25, Have a good day darling!"

"Thank you Mary! It was nice talking to you!" I said as I turned to walk out the door.

As I walked away from the store I heard a male voice call my name. I looked back with a puzzled look on my face. And wondered how in the world he knew my name.

"Before you ask how I know your name, I heard um, Mary, say your name. I'm Harry. "

I almost fainted that's how I knew him. He was Harry Styles!

"Oh yeah! I know who you are! I'm in love with One Direction! And just yesterday I won 5 tickets and VIP back stage passes to your guys concert in Dallas. By the way, I'm Nicole. You know for a formal introduction." I said with the goofy grin.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Nicole. Do you need a ride?" Harry asked like a gentleman.

"Nice to meet you too Harry and no I'm walking to a friends house it's just a five minute walk."

"I can't just let a pretty girl like you walk by yourself!" I could feel my face grow bright red.

"Thanks Harry but I really don't know."

"Please!" He begged me with his beautiful green eyes. And how could you say no to that face.

"Ok I guess so. Where are the guys?" 

"Oh you know here and there."

"Well that tells me a lot." I said with the sarcasm I inherited from Morgan over the past few years. "Harry?"


"Why are you guys in this really small town that doesn't have a proper hotel, and is barely a dot on the map?"

"Oh. We came here because of the paparazzi, they're so nosy. And we are really tired of it."

 We got into his maroon colored 2008 dodge truck. He started to drive off when i said.

"Oh! That makes tons of sense! So when did you guys get here?"

"We got here about two days ago."

 "Then how long are you going to be staying?"

"I'm not really sure about that. Until Paul tells us we have to leave, I guess. You kinda have to tell me where im going. Im not used to this place."

"Oh yeah i forgot about that. Well i better get going. See you around?"

"Yeah. See ya. Wait! Nicole!"


"Before you go. Can I have your number?"


We exchanged numbers and our goodbyes, and we went our seperate ways. 

Hopefully I can see him again! I thought.

~~~~~~~~~5 minutes later~~~~~~~~~

When I got to Molleigh's, Morgan met me outside and asked me one question after another.

"Why did it take you so long?" she asked.

"I got caught up talking to someone." I said.

"And who was this someone?"

"Harry Styles!"

"WHAT?! HARRY STYLES WAS IN THERE?!?!" said Morgan starting to fangirl.

"YUP! I even got his number!"

"OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!" she said as she started jumping up.

"Ok! Morgan! Calm down!"

"Ok!" she said breathing in deeply trying to calm down.

After she calmed down we went into Molleigh's house to tell them the news.

Right when we walked in and sat down i looked at my IPhone to check the time and I noticed that Harry texted me.

from: HAZZA\(^.^)/
to: NICOLE;]

Whats up Buttercup?

to: HAZZA\(^.^)/
from: NICOLE;]

Sittin at my friends house with four other girls. You?:)

It took Harry a couple minutes to answer, so Morgan and I decided to tell the other girls the great news.

 Molleigh started screaming, "OH MY GOSH I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! I FINALLY GET TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!"

"OH... MY... GOD!!! IM...SO...FREAKING...EXCITED!!!!!!!" Carley started screaming in between breathes.
And Bralynn couldn't hardly breathe because she was so excited. As soon as they all started to settle down i got a text from Harry.

from: HAZZA\(^.^)/

Sitting at the house we are staying at with Eleanor, Louis, Perrie, Zayn, Liam, and Niall. You girls should come and hang out;)

to: HAZZA\(^.^)/
from: NICOLE;]

Sure we can do that! You just gotta tell me where to go!

from: HAZZA\(^.^)/
to: NICOLE;]

YAY! Well its about 10 miles north-west of town.

to: HAZZA\(^.^)/
from: NICOLE;]

Wait what road is it?

from: HAZZA\(^.^)/
to: NICOLE;]

Road BB, and 115th 

Morgan started screaming into my ear because she was reading over my shoulder.
She started screaming "OMG!!!! THAT'S WHERE WE LIVE!!!!!!!" 

I texted Harry back and said:

to: HAZZA\(^.^)/
from: NICOLE;]

Ok well we will be out there in a little bit!


Hey guys! Sorry that my two chapters so far arn't the longest, so hang on with me!  My awesome friends have been helping me write and edit my story, and if you like it I will update more often! Please no hate! :D

Xoxo love, 


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