Found and Loved

A 16 year old girl name Ashley runs away from her house because of family 'problems', she ran away and thats when she got lost, no one with her to comfort her,nowhere to go, but she found a park and stayed there for the night,but what happens when a teenage guy finds her stranded alone in the park and they became friends while he offers her to stay at his house and she accepts, will she fall in love with him or will she run away again?


81. Chapter 80

Sarah's POV

As i woke up i checked the time on my phone it was 8:37 am 'wow i woke up early' i thought and just shrugged it off and went to the bathroom and took a shower. It only took me 13 minutes to finish because im in a hurry to go to ashley before anyone catches me and as i got out of the shower, i put my clothes on and got out of the shower as soon as i got out i looked at the guys to see if there sleeping noah, kyle, hunter, and ashton were sleeping 'huh ashton must've walked in here and fell on the bed ohh well' i thought and dragged ashton to sleep with noah and i also wrote a sticky note for noah so he knows 'where' ill go i wrote 'hey babe im just gonna go shopping and get some food us to eat sorry if i didnt wake u up i want u and the guys to rest and sorry again for not telling u yesterday i forgot thanks!! i love you!! xx - sarah' and as i finished i ripped it and sticked it on his forehead and kissed his cheeks and got the car keys then left to go visit ashley. Hours of driving i finally got to the hospital and went to ashleys room and as i got there i saw her sleeping as usual "hey ashley sorry im late stupid traffic got in my way, but anyway im not really here to chat well kinda but yeah whatever haha sorry, but um i think you should here your boyfriends song if you still remember him" i said and as i took out my phone and i pressed play and it had ashton singing for ashley on thursday. As the song finished i put my phone i started to talk to her again telling her whats been happening with her brother,her three bestfriends, and ashton but i got to the point of when ashtons been acting like he has nothing to do and all "umm ashley i have a bad news for you about ashton, hes been acting different ever since you've been gone.." i paused "ashley he misses you a lot and so does everyone else everybody's been acting different, sad, quiet, boring, and lonely and i know theres a lot of us but without you it feels empty because your never there anymore your not there to make us happy, laugh, do crazy stuff, and party.." i paused again because i was tearing up "we miss you ashley and we miss the understanding/love you give us your the only one who understands us and loves us even though everything has gone wrong you still loved us and we miss you a lot" i said crying as i finished the last part and i cried a little quiet but still able to hear me in the room.

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