Found and Loved

A 16 year old girl name Ashley runs away from her house because of family 'problems', she ran away and thats when she got lost, no one with her to comfort her,nowhere to go, but she found a park and stayed there for the night,but what happens when a teenage guy finds her stranded alone in the park and they became friends while he offers her to stay at his house and she accepts, will she fall in love with him or will she run away again?


49. Chapter 48

Ashton's POV

After seeing ashley communicate and chuckled made me happy but theres one thing thats bugging me 'when she wakes up she wouldnt remember some stuff because of the shot we gave her' keeps running through my head while i look at her i got upset ""whats wrong?" she wrote "nothing i just remembered something" i said and waited for her to write something "and whats that?" "well the doctor said you cant really remember things for now" "yeah he told me that too, but it looks like thats not the only thing thats bugging you?" she wrote and i sighed and just stopped talking for a little but she was waiting for me to answer so i did "do you remember who any of us are?" i asked and she looked upset and wrote 'well you look familiar, but i cant put my finger on it' and after i read that it broke me and i felt upset and angry so i rushed out to find the doctor but i couldnt find him but that didnt stop me so i kept on going.

Hunter's POV

When ashton asked ashley if she remembered any of us im guessing her answer was 'no' and ashton just rushed out and when we looked at ashley she started to write 'did i say anything wrong?' she asked us "no dont worry about him, its just he wanted you to know if you remembered us but i guess not.." i said shrugging my shoulders 'who is he anyways and who are you guys?' she asked us and i looked at everyone with worried/upset face "well thats noah,sarah, your brother kyle, the dude who walked out was your boyfriend ashton and im your boyfriends brother hunter" i said pointing to each of us and when she found who we were she dropped her stuff and yelled "I KNOW WHO YOU GUYS ARE NOW THATS WHY YOU LOOK FAMILIAR!!" she yelled throwing her hands around and we stood there thinking about what the doctor said "uh-oh" i said.

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