Found and Loved

A 16 year old girl name Ashley runs away from her house because of family 'problems', she ran away and thats when she got lost, no one with her to comfort her,nowhere to go, but she found a park and stayed there for the night,but what happens when a teenage guy finds her stranded alone in the park and they became friends while he offers her to stay at his house and she accepts, will she fall in love with him or will she run away again?


17. Chapter 16

Ashley's POV 

After fighting with hunter i ran upstairs because i was about to punch him in the face, but i couldn't because of ashton i care about him and i only met him for a day and i seem to fall for him fast, i dont know how, but when i got to ashtons room he was staring at the window "hey" "oh hey um i heard you and hunter fighting downstairs?" "oh you did umm sorry about that im kind of upset because of how he treated you" "but its not his fault though but thank you for defending me" "your welcome" i replied and there was a 4 second silence "soo is that our vanilla?" he asked looking at the vanilla ice-cream that im holding "oh um yeah sorry here" i said and chuckled "toss it" he commanded and i obeyed "nice throw" he said "thank you nice catch" i said while giggling "thank you" he said chuckling and i came up to him and we listened to a music he liked and we kept on talking to know more about each other and laughing, but we stopped because we said pretty much everything about ourselves "ohh yeah here i need to show you something" he said reaching his hands out and helped me up "and what is it?" i asked "you'll see" he said giving me a smirk and opened the window and he looked up while grabbing a huge bag and climbed up to the roof "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!" i said yelling out the window "give me your hand!" he yelled "are you freaking kidding me?" i yelled back "nope" he said popping the letter 'p' "your crazy!" i yelled "yeaah i know, but do you trust me!?" he yelled "yes" "then hold my hands and ill bring you up c'mon dont be scared!" "ugh fine!" i yelled giving in and as i stepped on the edge of the window and held on ashton's hands tight and as he helps me up then i take one hand and pull myself up with the help of ashton of course "finally you made it" he smiled "god your crazy" i said sitting on the roof "yeah i know" he winked "what are we even doing up here?" i asked "well i never told you about this" he said sitting next to me and unzipped the black bag and came out a guitar "you play guitar?" i asked "yerp" he said and i laughed "yerp? haha mocker" i said "hahaha nah i its fun saying it" he said while chuckling "so does anyone know you play guitar?" i asked "yeah my best friend noah does" he said while i mouthed 'o' and he just chuckled.

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