Found and Loved

A 16 year old girl name Ashley runs away from her house because of family 'problems', she ran away and thats when she got lost, no one with her to comfort her,nowhere to go, but she found a park and stayed there for the night,but what happens when a teenage guy finds her stranded alone in the park and they became friends while he offers her to stay at his house and she accepts, will she fall in love with him or will she run away again?


13. Chapter 12

Hunter's POV 

As i finished cleaning and sat on the couch for a rest and closed my eyes shut for a little and thats when i heard the phone ring which made my eyes open wide "ugh who can this be!" i yelled/whined and got off the couch to get the phone and pressed answer "hello" i said a bit annoyed "aye hunter its me jack" he yelled loudly on the phone "oh hey jack wssup" i asked "non-much aye can i come over?" he asked "yeah sure when?" i questioned "now" he said "ok see you later" i said "ok bye" he said and i hanged up,me and jack have been best bud ever since as i put the phone back to where it was placed i saw ashton walking downstairs with ashley and i just walked away "who called" ashton asked and i turned around so now im facing ashley and ashton "its none of your business" i snapped "its jack isnt it?" he questioned 'damn is this kid a mind reader or a vampire or something' i thought "yes yes i am a mind reader" he joked proudly and saw his smirk "yeah? tell me what im thinking" i said looking at ashley and checking her out  up and down while licking my lips to give ashton a hint, which i think he got the idea. When i looked back at ashton he pulled ashley and hid her behind  him "dont even think about it hunter im warning you" he said madly and i gave him an evil glare and scoffed "whatever" looking away and sat back at the couch "look i know your still pissed by me throwing your beers away bu-" i interrupted ashton "im not just pissed ashton im mad" i said sternly "look thats why im apologizing" he said calmly "apologizing isnt gonna fix anything ashton so if i were you just f*ck off now will you!" i yelled "look hunter im doing this for your own good i care about you why cant you realize that?" he said loosing temper "sure if you cared then why wont you just let me drink!?" i said yelling making ashley frightened now "BECAUSE I DONT WANT YOU TO LEAVE ME LIKE HOW MOM AND DAD DID LEFT US!" he yelled while tearing up "wh-what?" i said getting calm.

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