Found and Loved

A 16 year old girl name Ashley runs away from her house because of family 'problems', she ran away and thats when she got lost, no one with her to comfort her,nowhere to go, but she found a park and stayed there for the night,but what happens when a teenage guy finds her stranded alone in the park and they became friends while he offers her to stay at his house and she accepts, will she fall in love with him or will she run away again?


11. Chapter 10

Ashley's POV

I was asleep, but i heard someone screaming and a crash, but i thought i was just imagining, then suddenly i heard a huge crash downstairs which bolted me up and as i looked beside me i remembered sleeping next to ashton, but he wasnt beside me so i went and rushed downstairs to find broken glass and other things but someone started yelling "I TOLD YOU TO STOP DRINKING!!" a guy said im not sure if its ashton or his brother 'whats his name again?' i thought 'oh yea hunter' i thought and continued to listen i know that im being nosy but i need to understand "YOUR NOT MY BROTHER TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!" he yelled i was gonna listen to more but then i heard another glass shatter again and as i took one quiet step i accidentally step on a broken glass which made me groan "shoot" i whispered and the noises stop so i just went  to the kitchen where i saw ashton and im guessing his brother hunter "oh umm hey ashley" ashton said awkwardly "whos the hottie?" asked hunter sounding like hes a little drunk "dont mind him hes a little drunk" he added "figures" i said looking at both ashton and hunter and i limped close to ashton and went behind him because i was a little scared by his brother "why are you limping?" ashton asked raising an eyebrow at me "ohh i um just stepped on a broken glass while walking here whats going on anyways?" i asked confused "ohh sorry about that ill help you clean your wound and ill tell you later" he said whispering and i just nodded, he looked at me but i just looked at the ground and as he looked at me he looked at his brother "ashley this is my drunk brother hunter, hunter meet my friend ashley" he said and i just looked up at hunter and i saw his eyes looking at  my body up and down which made me uncomfortable "um hi" i said "hey" he said smirking "c'mon lets go upstairs" ashton said carrying me "and hunter were not done with this conversation" ashton said sternly to hunter "whatever" hunter sassed as her sat down on the chair. As we got to ashtons room there was an awkward silence but he broke it "so which foot did you injure?" he questioned "oh um my left foot" i said awkwardly "ok ill just get the band-aid and some alcohol" he said going to the bathroom as i stayed there getting the broken piece of glass out "fudge" i said while pulling out the broken glass and for about 1 minute of taking out 3 small broken glass off my foot it started to bleed a lot.  

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