True friends <3

True friends stay with u with everything but sometimes don't TRUST NO ONE they can stab you in the back for reasons so watch out for this !!!!
now this is like a story about a good girl that had a true friend for like 4 years but this one day this girl did something wrong ????!!!.....


2. party time !?!

When Emily and Chloe was walking home they saw Britt on the streets on the phone talking about having a party . So Chloe said to Emily "lets have a party at your house" but Emily didn't want to have a party. but when they went home they were planning for a party and inventing everyone from school Emily said "how about the really cute boy"  and Chloe said "yes!!!!" but then Chloe said "what we doing with his girlfriend Britt ?" Emily said" don't invent her" .So they  had to try to get rid of Emily's parents out of the house but they told Emily's parents to go on a date because they never go on dates . But they were getting ready to go out on there dates and so were the girl for the party tonight , Emily was wearing a shirt , and a really high skirt up to her butt , And Chloe was wearing a half short shirt , and booty shorts really high , So everyone was on their way to the party .but the really cute boy had to bring his girlfriend Britt but they didn't like it because both of the girls liked him . Then like 2hours later they all got wasted and drunk and alil high but Chloe was really drunk and wasted and she went up to the really cute boy and started to kiss him .

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