True friends <3

True friends stay with u with everything but sometimes don't TRUST NO ONE they can stab you in the back for reasons so watch out for this !!!!
now this is like a story about a good girl that had a true friend for like 4 years but this one day this girl did something wrong ????!!!.....


3. oh SHIT !!!???

So Chloe started to kiss the really cute boy and was pulling him up the stairs and right into Emily's parents room . And the really cute boy was taking Chloe's shirt off then her pants then there was a bed.So they were butt naked on the bed and then she got on top of him and they were doing things. So the really cute boy's girlfriend(Britt) was looking for him but she was asking everyone but no one knows where they were .So like 2min later Emily went up stairs and saw them in her parents bed,Emily yelled "GET OUT OF MY PARENTS BEDROOM" Chloe said "OMFG" but the really cute boy went down stairs half dress.

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