Neva 3nd

This girl named Maddy and she was 14 years old. So one day she went to school she saw this hot,cute boy that she really really liked so like when they were in the hallway they met in the hallway and looked in each others eyes ,so when she went home she was talking about all day and all night .Then the next day they talked and hanged out all day .Then 5 weeks pasted they were dating and hanging out for like hours for everyday and kissing and hugging .

half of this is true !! :( :'(


2. The wreck ?!

So everyone was drunk and crazy !! So Maddy's friend was crazy and drunk ,dancing around,flirting,drinking .then Maddy was drinking and flirting with boy then like 3 min she was making out with another boy that she don't know .just at that time Maddy's boyfriend just came in the front door and he saw her making out with another boy on the couch ... But the boyfriend walked up to her and said "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING " Maddy Said".........."  but Maddy's boyfriend start walking away from her and walked out the door !! So Maddy and her boyfriend went out side and said "I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU CHEATER" Maddy started to cry :'( .Maddy's friend came outside and saw Maddy crying she said "what happen ,why u crying ?" Maddy didn't answer Her ? But Maddy went inside and ran upstairs crying !!!:'(


When Maddy went upstairs crying ,she went on the bed and started crying in the pillow .Maddy was thinking about things ~what should I do now?~So she went to the door and locked it then she picked up a razor,and started to cut her wrist for hours .....


Maddy's friend was looking for Maddy but she couldn't find her then someone said that she was running upstairs crying . So Maddy's friend went upstairs she was trying to get the door open ,So she found a key for that room and then she opened it and found Maddy laying on the bed with a razor .Then Maddy's friend saw the blood on the bed so she saw her wrist that was cut open .

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