Neva 3nd

This girl named Maddy and she was 14 years old. So one day she went to school she saw this hot,cute boy that she really really liked so like when they were in the hallway they met in the hallway and looked in each others eyes ,so when she went home she was talking about all day and all night .Then the next day they talked and hanged out all day .Then 5 weeks pasted they were dating and hanging out for like hours for everyday and kissing and hugging .

half of this is true !! :( :'(


3. N3V@ 3ND JUST 3ND3D?

So Maddy was in the doctors for like 18 weeks because she cut her wrist that was a deep cut and lost a lot of blood . Then her parents went to the doctors and found out that she cut her wrist so deep but then Maddy woke up and saw her parents in the room so Maddy's mom said "Why sweetie just why ?" after she said that she started to cry so bad her eyes turned red. Maddy said "IDK?"



Maddy's friend went to school with out Maddy for the first time

Maddy's friend went up to Maddy's Ex And said "what happen with you and Maddy ?" He said " she was kissing another boy on the couch in front of my face !!!" She said "well u know shes in the doctors right" He didn't say anything,

*DING* *DING* (the bell is ringing)

Maddy's friends said "ig2g bye " he said "bye!"

5 min later Maddy's friend went to vist Maddy in the doctors with Maddy's Ex boyfriend ,she was soshocked to see him there .So she started to cry and covering her deep cut on her wrist ,he said "why u here?" she said because i did somethink to myself .

what did u do ? siad Maddys ex

I cut my wrist after u broke up with me !"

why u cut because of that just why?

because i loved u but u didnt love me !!!

What u mean i did loved u but u were kissing a boy on the couch right in front of my face !!

I WAS FUCKING DRUNK aND CRAZY THAT DAY ,i'm sorry will u come back to me ?

I'M sorry i cant N3V@ 3ND just 3ND3D  ,Im done with u cheating and cutting now "bai"

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