Neva 3nd

This girl named Maddy and she was 14 years old. So one day she went to school she saw this hot,cute boy that she really really liked so like when they were in the hallway they met in the hallway and looked in each others eyes ,so when she went home she was talking about all day and all night .Then the next day they talked and hanged out all day .Then 5 weeks pasted they were dating and hanging out for like hours for everyday and kissing and hugging .

half of this is true !! :( :'(


4. back to school for Maddy !


Maddy was at home in bed sleeping then her mom came in and said "sweetie why you in bed you have to go to school ,Maddy said "do i have to go to school?"mom Said"yes now get out of bed and get ready for school!"

But Maddy didn't want to go to school B/C of her deep cut on her wrist .

So Maddy got her mom's sweater so she can cover her wrist from everyone ,Then she ate breakfast then she started to walk out the door and walked down to school .

When Maddy enter the school her friend went up to her and gave her a big hug ,Her ex boyfriend was staring at her but every time she did something he was staring at her .so when she went in her classes the teacher pulled her on the side and started talking to her "why wasn't you here for like 3 weeks ?" Maddy said "b/c i was in the doctors!" "why were u there?" b/c i did something to my self!" ...............

Then Maddy was walking home with her friend they were talking about who they likes/liked.So Maddy went first "i still like m ex boyfriend !!!! :( " Friend"aww why you have to stop he don't like you anymore b/c what did !!' Maddy"what did i do ?" friend"you were making out with a boy on the couch right in front of his face!!! ,you cut yourself so bad you went to the doctors!!.


Maddy walked away from her friend,so she walked into her house and ran upstairs crying again .........

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