Twins and Triplets

Liam and James, the Payne twins. Harry, Marcel, and Edward, the triplets. I met them all at once, I guess it was quite overwhelming. They helped me though. When I needed them most, five random boys were the ones who came to my rescue? Huh. I could hardly believe any of them were related, they were polar opposites. I guess I'm with them now. There's no changing that, at least for a while.


3. The Rescue.


Niall's POV

"What the hell's your problem?! I told you to go and give her the food." 

          I nod at my employer, taking the tray and carrying it up into the white sterile room. My knuckles gently rasp on the door, followed by a small girl's "Y-Yes?" I open the door, to see yet another patient. I hadn't seen this one yet, so  I had to be careful. She was sitting huddled on the bed, her face stained with tears. They told me this one was new, so I guess she wasn't used to this type of life style yet. 

"I brought some food for you, miss." 

         She stays silent, but at least looks up at me. Her green eyes are more vibrant than any other than I had seen. I shake my head and slowly walk up to the bed, setting down the tray. 

"Here ya go." I say quietly. Then I remember how we're supposed to make them feel normal. "I'm Niall." 

         She sits up right away, looking at me with wide eyes. She shakes her head. 


"It's nice to meet you Amber." After a moment, I  go to the door and grab the handle. Just before I leave, I hear her hoarse voice plead; 

"I don't belong here!" I turn around. Typical. 

"Ma'am-" She cuts me off. 

"You know them, don't you?"

"Excuse me?"

"Uh.. James, Liam, Edward, Harry, and Marcel! You know them, don't you?" 

       My heart nearly stops in my chest, how did this nutcase know them? 

"What?" I whisper softly, half worried, half boiling with rage. 

"They.. they saved me. I even.. well I fell in love more times than I should have." I could see her body trembling, tears threatening to spill out of her eyes. I'm practically glued to my spot, I just kept staring at her. 

"What are you talking about?" 

"What happened with you guys?" 

       Rage fills me, ridding me of all of the sympathy I might have had for this girl. I storm to the door, yanking it open. 

"Wait!" She helplessly calls after me. I ignore her pleas, slamming the door behind me. 


James' POV

          I carry the girl -whom was limp in my arms- out to the car, all of the boys following behind me. I gingerly place her in the back seat, making sure that I didn't put too much pressure on her bruises. She seemed to fear every single one of us back there, before she passed out. It made me sad really, knowing that she was just so scared of everything, she just looked so helpless. To be fair, she has no idea who we are. 

          Once we're back at the house, we finally get her to wake up. Her eyes flutter open, before she quickly moves away from us, to the other side of the couch.

"W-Who are you?" She stammers. Before I can step forward, the one person who I wouldn't think would calm her, slowly approaches the frightened girl. 


"Hey love.. c'mon. It's okay, we won't hurt you like he did." 

           I can see her eye him up and down, assessing his multiple tattoos. We were about to pull him back, girls are normally scared of his tattoos. To our surprise, she takes a deep breath and nods. 



          We gave her a nice place to sleep, fed her and gave her some spare clothes that were lying around. She hardly ever stopped thanking us. Once she got settled in after a day or two, she started opening up to us. She told us about how she was kidnapped and everything, and how hard it was for her to just.. be there for so long. Being a slave, refusing to do what he wanted, and being thrown in that basement. I'm still surprised she didn't ask who we were again, or even how we knew her. She was just happy to not be there anymore. We didn't let her look for a place of her own, as we wanted to protect her. 


"It's okay.. I promise you.." I could hear someone whisper. I could tell it was one of the Styles boys, but I couldn't quite tell which. I figured it was just Harry. I decided to listen, wondering why he was being so flirty at the moment. 

"I.. I just don't know..." I heard Amber's trembling voice whisper. 

"We won't hurt you, no one here will." 


Amber's POV

"We won't hurt you, no one here will." He gently cooed to me. I nodded unsteadily. 

"Th-Thank you.. I'm s-sorry, what was your name again?" I ask. He leans forward, wiping my tear away with his thumb. 


"Styles. Edward Styles." 


(A/N) I know this one might not have been interesting, but trust me, it will get better. Just bare with me, okay? Thanks, loves. 

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