Twins and Triplets

Liam and James, the Payne twins. Harry, Marcel, and Edward, the triplets. I met them all at once, I guess it was quite overwhelming. They helped me though. When I needed them most, five random boys were the ones who came to my rescue? Huh. I could hardly believe any of them were related, they were polar opposites. I guess I'm with them now. There's no changing that, at least for a while.


5. Shattered My Heart.


Edward's POV

"WHAT?!" I screamed. I didn't hold back anymore. 

"Calm down! She didn't actually go with Zayn, but she was at least with him in an alley when we found her." Fury boiled inside me. These two probably cost us the job. Not to mention, we had no idea where on earth Amber is now. "Look, we'll find her. Okay?" 

                There was silence for such a long time. The could tell how pissed I was, the tension in the room even scared me. I didn't focus on that though. 

"What's he going to say?" I asked, after about fifteen very uncomfortable minutes. 

Silence. That's all there was. 

It was like a blanket, covering us, hiding us, and even comforting us. 

We were screwed. 


Louis' POV

          Just an average day for me, really. Nothing special had happened. I was just casually walking down the street, my  coffee in hand. There was a slight glimmer of a smile on my face, something that appeared every so often. 

          I sat myself on a park bench, watching the people rush by. Some were heading to work, others to dates or something else like that. I had no destination. Not yet. Then, something caught my eye that I really, really wished hadn't. 

A girl. 

          She would have been just a random drug addict to everyone else. But I had seen this look on a girl before. It was not one I wanted to see again. Her hair was messy, and her clothes looked like they had been worn for a week. She hadn't showered. She looked tired as all hell. She looked like the result of something horrid me and four other lads had done a while back.



"Please, please don't hurt me!" She cried. I wasn't Louis. Not then. "I haven't done anything wrong! This isn't you, Lou, it isn't!" She was right, but the person I was didn't care. 

        It was Zayn's hand to strike first. Her body had fallen to the floor, causing a small thud to ring through the flat. Her whimpers didn't alarm me as much as they used to. The Louis inside me was screaming, pleading, thrashing. He was trying to find a way out, to help the girl that was laying before us. 

"You've done everything wrong." 


"No, she hasn't." My body whipped around, to face whoever had just spoken. To my shock, it was Edward. 

"Really? Then what do you call it? Was it the right thing to cost us everything? Was it right to blindly obey orders that were never hers?" I didn't want the words to be flowing out of my mouth, but they were. I couldn't stop them. 

"Was it right to do drugs, Lou?" James was the one to speak up this time. I rolled my eyes and scoffed, ignoring the ignorant boy whom had just found courage. 

I turned back to the girl, but, she was gone. 

         Furiously, I turned back to the boys. 

"Where is she?" 


          I shook my head, bringing myself out of my daze. I hated even thinking about that, much less having to relive it. I scanned for the girl again, but she was gone. I shivered at the resemblance from the random girl to... her. 


Niall's POV. 

"You seem like a wonderful candidate. You're hired." The man said. I smiled, my heart finally relaxing. Granted, this wasn't the place I figured I would work at, but it suits. 

          When I was finally at my first day, dressed in all whites, I had to follow around another employee. I could tell that working at a mental ward wasn't going to be easy, but I was willing to accept the challenge. 

"Remember, you don't want to seem like the people's enemy. Ask them about themselves, and be friendly. Allow them to get comfortable with you." I nodded, making a mental note. 

"Got it." 


Liam's POV

      We're screwed. We're so screwed. Boss is going to find out she's gone, and we don't know where she is. So, we did the sensible thing. We went looking. 

      Seeing Zayn that night rose a fury in me that I didn't want resurfacing ever again. I couldn't feel myself squeezing her wrists, but I did eventually hear her whimpering and telling me that I was hurting her. I was horrified with myself, even when we were walking along the streets to find her. I was forced to shake the feeling away, as my legs slowly pushed me along the sidewalks. I shook my head, sighing a bit. This was impossible. 


Zayn's POV

         I had finally just put Liam, James, and the girl out of my head, when I heard it. 

    I was just outside my flat about to grip the cooling handle, when I heard her. Of course, at the time I didn't know it was her. All I heard was sobbing. I just figured it was another drunk person, discovering too many feelings from the bar next door. But, soon, I realized that it was a different kind of crying. One that screamed, I've given up, but I can't. I can't do this, how did I get here?

        The cry shattered my heart. Look, I'm the "Bradford Bad Boy", but I'm not a heartless monster. My feet slowly carried me to the alley, but I felt like running when I saw who it was. But I didn't. I couldn't. She hadn't noticed my presence, as I quietly walked towards her. I slowly leaned down and rested on my knees, panicking for a second. I didn't know how to proceed, but I knew that I had to. Hell- I wanted to. 

        I gently rested my hand on her trembling back, rubbing slowly. She practically jumped out of her own skin, her hands flying from her face to her sides, propelling herself away from me. I put my hands out in front of me, showing I had no intentions of harming her. 

"Hey, hey it's okay." 

        She looked so much different from the first time I had saw her. Instead of her neatly combed brown locks, messy, unkempt hair sat on her head. There was dirt spots on her face and arms, her clothes were dirty, and there were a couple holes. My face was soft, and her fear started to recede. She let her guard down, and her muscles relaxed. 

        I inched towards her, and she didn't move away. My hand gently laid on her back again, and she didn't flinch must less burst away. Slowly, without me knowing, my arm snaked around her. I had pulled her close, and her head was resting on my chest, I let out a small sigh. I had seen one girl in this condition before, and... it terrified me to see another. I know I'm supposed to had a brave front and everything, but out past was awful. 

        My free arm had snaked under her legs, allowing me to lift her up. I carried her inside, her arms secured around me neck. Nothing was needed to be said. After a small amount of struggling to get my flat door open, we were inside. I set her in my bed, and as I expected, her eyes fluttered close almost the second her head hit the pillow. 

"Th-thank... you." She hardly even whispered. 

"Sh.. save your strength." My voice was at a whisper too. 

           Soon, her body had completely relaxed and she fell into a deep sleep that she had probably been robbed of for a week or so. She was finally able to relax. I didn't know what the events of tomorrow morning would bring, but I knew that they would be interesting. 

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