Twins and Triplets

Liam and James, the Payne twins. Harry, Marcel, and Edward, the triplets. I met them all at once, I guess it was quite overwhelming. They helped me though. When I needed them most, five random boys were the ones who came to my rescue? Huh. I could hardly believe any of them were related, they were polar opposites. I guess I'm with them now. There's no changing that, at least for a while.


4. Now, now James.


Amber's POV

        After a while, I was enrolled in school with them. They were constantly making sure I was alright, and if they even so much as thought I was being bullied, they would make sure it stopped. Something weird was going on though. I had been hanging out more and more with Edward, and the boys didn't seem to like it at all. I was sitting at lunch with him one day, when things got weird. 

         I took a small bite of my food, glancing at the people who kept glaring at him. 

"Why are they staring?"

"I normally don't go to school." 

"Oh." He was silent for a moment. 

"Do you not like that?" 

"No, It's just.. I'm not used to hanging out with guys like y-" I stopped in the middle of my sentance, not finishing. He stops eating and looks at me, his tattoos seemingly staring at me. 

"Guys like me?" I right away looked down, not wanting to face him. 

"I-I didn't mean it like that." 

"Yes you did." 

        I said nothing in response. I just looked down, picking at my food. My food was now as appetizing as a pile of mud. 

"Amber." He pried. 


"Do you not like me? Not like how I am?" 


"So you don't?" 

"No! I'm just not used to it!" I half shout. It goes quiet for a moment, and people from near by tables looked at us. He stands. 

"Bye, Amber." I didn't even bother stopping him. I just muttered to myself; 

"Drama queen." 


           After I dumped my food in the trash, I wandered the halls, kicking random pieces of trash. 

"Amber?" I heard a soft voice call. 

"For god's sakes, Edward, what is it?" I looked up, but instead see Marcel. I instantly softened my face. "Oh, sorry." 

"You alright?" He asked, adjusting his glasses. I nodded. 

"Fine.. what's up with Edward?" His face dropped. 

"Nothing. That's just how he is." I let out a sigh, and rolled my eyes. 

"What does everyone have against him?" 

"Nothing against him. He's just.. oh how do I put this?" Marcel whined. I let out a small sigh. 

"Well, I'm gonna go. I'll see you later, alright?" He nodded a bit.

"I should be getting to class anyway." 


         After school was let out, and we were all home again, I bumped into James. I smiled at him softly, glancing at his batman shirt. The very same shirt he wore last week when he rescued me. 

"Hi Amber." He smiled. 

"Hey." I plopped down on the extravagant couch, as he flicked on the TV. All of the sudden, a thought popped into my head. "Do you guys want me to look for my own place?" I blurted. I looked at me, surprise lining his eyes. 

"No. Why would you think that?"

"Well.. I don't even know who you are.. or why you rescued me.. I figured it was just a one time thing." He sighed a bit, looking down at his lap. 

"We don't want you to leave." He said quietly, refusing to meet my focused eyes. 

"You don't? You hardly know me.." 

"We can't let you." 


"We were hired, okay?" He half shouts, causing me to jump. I moved a bit away from him on the couch. 

"H-Hired?" I stutter, after a moment of uncomfortable silence. He was about to plea something to me, but I cut him off. Not with words. 

            I use my hands to launch me off the couch, and out of the door. I didn't know where I was going. I never do anymore. That doesn't bring us to now, not even close. I stormed away from the house. From the boys whom I had only known for a week or so. I ended up in an alley. 

           I pressed my back to the wall of some building, sliding down slowly. My knees were tucked tightly against my chest, my eyes closed. Silence. Silence was all I had to keep my company, and I didn't completely mind. Maybe it was what I needed. Hell, I still don't know what I need. 


             My eyes instantly shot open, to investigate the noise. I looked up to see a tall-ish man, who had just lit himself a cig. He had many tattoos lining his arms, but not nearly as many as Edward. He had a scruffy beard, jet black messy hair, and black skinny jeans. I eyed him up and down, not saying a word. 


            I'm not sure how long we sat there for. Ten minutes, maybe twenty? The silence was eventually broken, by a faint voice. 

"Amber? Amber where are you?" It was one of the Payne twins. My eyes closed, and an exhausted sigh emitted from my parted lips. 

"Shit." I muttered. 

"Got someone on your tail?" The scruffy man smirked. I rolled my eyes. 

"Piss off." 

"Ooh, she's feisty. " 

"I told you to piss off. And keep quiet, will you?" 

"Why? Don't want your little boyfriend finding you?"

        At this point I had had enough of him. Faster than I could comprehend, I was on my feet. I had him pressed against the alley wall with my forearm. I had my arms poised at his neck, applying pressure whenever he tried to move out of my grasp. I pressed my lips to his ear. 

"I told you. Piss off." 

        I let my arms fall to my sides, and took a step back. 

"Amber!" I heard the voice call louder. 

"Wait, is that-?" The shifty guy was cut off by Liam and James rushing around the corner. Once they saw me, relief filled their eyes. 

"Oh thank god we fou-" He stopped talking in an instant. 

         He turned agonisingly slowly, to look at the man. The man-whose eyes were now piercing into the side of Liam's skull- stared right back. No comments were made. Just three looks, shared between three boys. None of them were soft. They all held anger. Red hot, raging anger. Even James'. Out of nowhere, I felt a hand grasping my arm. 

"We're going." Liam firmly announced. I tried to pull away from him, but I wasn't strong enough. 

"Let me go!" The man stepped forward, apparently feeling like he needed to defend me. 

"Let her go, mate." 

         Liam didn't let go, instead held me in a tighter lock. I grimaced, but none of them seemed to notice. 

"Leave, Zayn. No one wants you here." 

"Well that girl there obviously doesn't want to go with you." He paused for a moment, looking over at me. "Didn't you learn your lesson with that last girl you, 'Saved?'" I could see Liam's jaw move and tense. Quite frankly, it frightened me. 

         I could see Liam was about to punch this boy-who was apparently Zayn- so I closed my eyes. I turned my head. I didn't want to be anywhere near this. I heard though. I didn't need to see. 


            I heard the impact, and the stumble backwards. Then, I heard something quite surprising. A laugh. 

"Now, now James. No need to get violent." That's when I found the courage to open my eyes. It wasn't the rough, Liam to punch Zayn. Rather, the sweet and innocent James. I let out a gasp, and tried to move away. 

Liam's grip tightened. 

"Liam! You're hurting me!" I cried out. His expression softened. He let go of me, and took several steps away. I stumbled backwards, holding my bruised arm. 

        They're insane. All of them. 



                 Running. That's all I did for a good while. It made my legs ache, my breathing shorten, and it even made me cry. The tears would come anyway, the running just reminded me of what I was running from. Two days passed. Then three. Then six. I didn't see any of the boys again. At least not in that time. 

            I walked into a gas station, looking around carefully. Often there were people who gave me nasty looks, or avoided me. To be fair, I looked like a drifter. I hadn't showered. Or eaten. Or hardly even slept for that matter. 


There you have it. 

The beginning of the beginning. 

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