Twins and Triplets

Liam and James, the Payne twins. Harry, Marcel, and Edward, the triplets. I met them all at once, I guess it was quite overwhelming. They helped me though. When I needed them most, five random boys were the ones who came to my rescue? Huh. I could hardly believe any of them were related, they were polar opposites. I guess I'm with them now. There's no changing that, at least for a while.


2. Introduction.


Amber's POV

         My screams would never be heard; besides, there was no one to hear me. The basement was made of cement, the windows all boarded up. It was no use anyway, my voice was hoarse from not speaking for so long. 

         I sit on my knees, my chest forcefully pressed to the pole I was handcuffed to. Dirt and mud caked my skin, as if I hadn't showered for weeks. I no longer cried. I was used to it at this point. I can't remember how long I was there. It had to be at least eight months. 


Bang. Crash. Boom.


"You're a sick man!"

"Where is she?"

"How long have you kept her locked down there?!" 

         I still remember the voices vividly. I hadn't ever heard them before, and they were husky, loud, and even just a little bit forceful. I was thankful someone was finally standing up to him. I tried, and look where it landed me. 

        Without any warning, the door burst open. I would've hissed at the new light that was being let into the pitch black room, but my voice hadn't been used in so long I couldn't even whimper. What I saw  once my eyes adjusted was even more shocking than the light that was burning me. Five boys, which most of them looked alike. 

       One was wearing a batman t-shirt, his hair neatly combed. Another -whom looked exactly like the boy in the batman shirt- had multiple tattoos lining his well toned arms. Third, was a boy in a sweater vest, with large black glasses, his hair was slicked back with a touch too much hair gel. The other two looked exactly like him.. well.. sort of. One had so many tattoos that It made me sort of fear him. He had earrings and a lip piercing, and guy-liner. Last, was a boy who looked like them, without the tattoos, his large curls were messy, wearing a plain white shirt and old brown boots that had seen better days. I looked up at all of them, fear in my eyes. I had been trained to fear all men. 

        I backed away from them, spinning around the pole, still crouched. 

"W-What do you want?" I stuttered. The one in the batman shirt slowly approached me. He crouched by me, making me wince. 

"Hey.. don't be scared.. we won't hurt you." He said gently. His amazingly vibrant brown eyes somehow made me relax a small bit. "I'm James." 


        I still don't remember how things went after that, I believe that I blacked out. I do know how I got here, to the present. But we're not quite there yet. This is the next thing I remember. 

        They were Marcel, Harry, Edward, Liam, and James. They had knocked out my kidnapper and taken me back to their gorgeously large house. They let me clean up, and even had some spare clothes for me. I didn't bother asking who they were. I didn't care. I was out, and they didn't seem to have had any intentions of hurting me. 

           They gave me a nice place to sleep, and even made sure I didn't have to sleep in another basement. Even though theirs was much nicer than the one I most recently stayed in. Once I actually got to know them, they were really interesting and fun. James and Liam were twins, and Harry, Marcel, and Edward were triplets. Hard to believe. They're practically polar opposites. 

           They share one thing in common though. They all seemed to care for me. Well- two things, really. 


          Whenever the names Niall, Louis, or Zayn ever came up, they got really uncomfortable and awkward, and changed the subject right away. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start when they rescued me. 


(A/N) Sorry this was so short, I promise the next one will be longer. :) Let me know if you have any requests for the story. I'll see what I can do about  them.

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