OneDirection Imagines!



2. Shay_Loves1D♥'s Imagine

               *You and Harry are best friends but act like a couple*

*You and Harry are watching a movie*

 Shay’s POV


      We were at Harry’s house, enjoying a movie. I ran to the kitchen to grab some snacks. Popcorn pop.  As I was waiting for the popcorn I felt an arm wrap around my waist and pull me into a tight hug. “Hi” he whispered into my ear. I smiled and hugged him “Hi” I whispered back. He picked me bridal styles and walked to the couch. He threw me onto the couch and jumped on and started to tickle me. “H-h-harry! S-sto-p!” I said in between breaths  “I-I can’-t breathe!” I laughed and tried to get him off of me. It was useless. “NEVERRRRRRRRR!” He said and kept tickling me. I jumped up and pushed him down onto the couch and ran upstairs. I shut the door and hid in the closet. I giggled as I heard Harry coming up the stairs and coming through the door. “Shay…. I know you’re in here!” I said and laughed. I giggled once again. I heard footsteps coming to the closet. As he opened the door I jumped out. I knocked Harry down. “Oops, sorry Harry” I smiled. He smirked “its ok love.” I love the way he calls me love…

       We went back to watching the movie. Harry draped his arm around my shoulder. I smiled and cuddled closer to him and laid my head on his chest.

   The movie was almost over when Harry turned to me. His cheeks grew a little pink. “Shay…” he said looking at me.”Yeah?” I asked. He took a deep breath. “I……I like you” I was in shock. ‘I like you to…’ I thought to myself. I got the courage and said it too. “I like you to Harry.” His face lit up. He leant in and placed his hand gently on my cheek. He kissed sweetly. Our lips moved in sync. He pulled back and laid his forehead on mine. “I love you so much Shay…” I smiled and kissed him on his soft lips. I couldn’t resist it. He pulled me into a tight hug.

      We put on another movie. Soon, I fell asleep on Harrys shoulder. Best day ever…

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