OneDirection Imagines!



4. Harry's_Girl :) 's Imagine

*Harry Styles imagine*

*You have been dating for 1 year now*


      I was walking down town to Nandos to get something to eat when I felt a vibration coming from my pocket. I looked at the screen of my phone. Harry! It was a text.


Harry- Hey babe!  I Wanted to know if you’d like to come to my place and watch a movie or something :)


I smiled and replied.


Emily-Sure! What time?

Harry- How ‘bout an hour?

Emily- kk See you later! Bye Hazza

Harry- Bye Em :)  See ya later

    I’m so excited! I haven’t see Harry in months! He’s been on tour with the boys. We would text good morning and goodnight every morning and night. I can’t wait to see him! I fats walked my way home.

    I dashed to my wardrobe and pulled out a t-shirt, skinny jeans, UGH boots, a Jack Wills sweater, and a beanie. ‘Per-fect’ I thought to myself. I dashed to my bathroom to get ready. I got dressed and slipped on my beanie.

    I dashed downstairs and made some tea and turned on the TV. I’m so excited! AHHHHHH! Yayy! I was watching a Disney movie whilst drinking my delicious, hot tea. I propped my feet onto the table and set my tea down. I glanced at the clock. Woah. I still had an hour left. I gazed at the TV. My eyes started getting heavy. Soon, I fell asleep, dreaming of Harry.

   I felt something warm on my forehead. My eyes fluttered open to see Harry right in front of my face. My eyes widened and I leaped up, hugging him. “Harry! I missed you so much!” I said hugging him tightly. His grip also tightened. “You have no idea how much I missed you” He whispered into my ear. I leaned back a smiled. He smiled widely and started leaning in and closing his eyes. A smirk appeared on my face and I pulled away and ran upstairs, giggling all the way up. I heard laughing and footsteps coming from behind me. I opened the door to my bed room and dashed to my closet. I opened it and hid inside. Soon I heard Harry come in. The footsteps came closer and closer and I jumped out running past him and down stairs. I laughed and sat on the couch.

    Harry joined me on the couch and placed his hand on my cheek, making me face him. He pulled me closer and closer. I giggled and he finally kissed me. “I love you Emily” He whispered in my ear and hugged me. “Let’s go”

    We hopped into the car and set off to his place. We held hands all the way there. Finally we reached to his house. He smiled and hopped out of the car and jogged over to my side and opened the door for me “Thank You” I said and kissed his cheek. He smiled and grabbed my hand, leading me into his house. “So I was thinking…. Wanna have a campfire?” He said and grabbed a beanie. “Yeah!” I said and he grabbed my hand leading me to the fire pit.

    I laid my head on his shoulder whilst looking at the fire that burned brightly. “I love you…” He whispered and hugged me once again. “You don’t know how much I love you…” I smiled “I love you to Harry…” It was a full moon. I turned my head to look up at him. He smiled and kissed me. It feels like the very first time every time we kiss. We held each other and talked about what happened while he was away. This night couldn’t get any better J smiled.

   Harry tuned to me and smiled. I smiled back. He got down on one knee “Emily… I have loved you for over a year now… I never want to let you go… I love you… Will you marry me???” He asked, pulling out a beautiful ring. I was shocked. I just froze. Did he just ask me to marry him?!?!? ‘Oh my gosh! Yes!’ I thought to myself. “Yes Harry! Yes!” I said with tears coming down my face. He smiled widely and put the ring on my finger. He engulfed me in the tightest hug ever. I smiled and hugged him tightly. He pulled back and pushed his lips against mine. I smiled and kissed back. This day just got a whole lot better…..



( I'm so sorry if this one sucks ): )

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