OneDirection Imagines!



1. Ges13's Imagine

     Imagine (Harry Styles for Grace)

    *Harry is your Boyfriend in this one. You guys have been dating for 2 years in this one*

       “Hey Grace! Wanna go out for dinner?” Harry says while standing up, as I walked through the door.I smiled “Yeah! Where to?” I asked whilst putting my wallet on the kitchen table. He smirked and walked up to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. “It’s a surprise.” I smiled. He lent down and kissed me sweetly. I wrapped my arms around his neck, his hands still around my waist. He broke the kiss and looked down at me and smirked “go get ready. We leave in an hour.” He said and packed my lips.

      I rummaged through my, gigantic closet looking for a dress. “Ugh! What to wear!” I sighed and glanced at a long purple dress that went to the floor. It had a pretty beaded belt. ‘PERFECT!’ I thought to myself.  I grabbed the dress a dashed to the bathroom. I hung the dress on the door and began to work on my make-up. I put a light pink on my eye lids. I touched up the eye shadow and put on some light pink lip gloss.

      After all my touch ups to my make-up, I put on the long, purple dress on over my head. Maybe I should curl my hair…. I grabbed the curling iron from the draw and plugged it in. After a few minutes, it was done. I grabbed the curler and decided in doing ringlets.

     I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed a pair of light purple heels and slipped them on my feet. I walked over to spray on some perfume and grab my clutch purse. ‘Ready!’ I thought to myself and went down the stairs to find Harry in a tuxedo. I might add… he can really pull off a tuxedo. His hair was in somewhat of a quiff. He turned around and as soon as he seen me smirked. I let out a small smile and walked over to him “You look beautiful…..” he said looking at me from up and down.

    We arrived at a really fancy restaurant. “Harry… You didn’t have to…” I said. “But I wanted to” He smirked and opened his door and jogging over to my door to open it. “What a gentleman” I said as I stepped out. He shut the car door and grabbed my hand. I looked up at him and smiled. “C’mon, let’s go.” he smiled leading the way to the restaurant. “Reservations under Styles” he said. The waiter nodded and guided us to a table next to a big window that has a view of the ocean.

          When we were done with the fantastic dinner, he grabbed my hand and led me outside. He picked me up bridal style and took me to the beach and set me down when we reached the edge where the water didn’t touch. He bent down and kissed me passionate. “I have loved you for 2 years now…. I’ve never stopped…. I want to be with you forever…” He said and bent down on one knee. Is he proposing?!?!?!  I covered my mouth from the shock. “Will…..Will you Marry me?” he said with hope in his eyes. I started tear up from the happiness “YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!” I said and he jumped up and kissed me passionately and hugged me as tight as possible. “I love you” he whispered as he put the ring on my finger. I kissed him sweetly “I love you to” I whispered back to him.

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