She'll stay here

trinity is a poor,18 year old girl who's biggest dream is to be able to afford a car and meet one direction but scince her mother is too poor to take her,,and her dad doesn't like them she might not get a chance to meet one direction , actually, he doesn't like anything but Christian things. So trinity threatens to never go to his house again
And she runs away from her poor mothers house to find a better one, but then she meets her favorite band and 2 favorite boys.


1. Different lives

Trinity's POLL: I hate this place, I want to leave, we can't even afford a car for me,  " well I'm sorry trinity, we can't aford a big house, or a car"said Trinity's mother. " I just wish I could afford a car and keep up with a job to earn money to go see one direction in concert, I mean come on mum, I'm 18 and have never been to their concert.  Plus were too poor and dad could take me but he only likes Christian stuff."  I wish I could just run away, hey. Maby I should.

Niall's poll: 

lLiam and I both agree that it is time to take a break,  it's summer and we have never been to Evansville let's see what's there  I know there's  not much l,but we can go a day and fly around the U.S.  " good Idea guys" said Louis  



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