Life As She Knows It

Mia is chasing her dream of becoming a professional photographer in New York, the city where dreams come true or life decides to step on your dreams and throw them into the growing pile of garbage. One day a strange, leather-clad man walks into her studio and then walked out after sniffing the room. That man will change her life as she know it for ever.

Loosely based off of Quinn Lofits' interpretation of werewolves and mates and stuff.


6. Chapter 6

Evan grabbed my hand and stared dragging me to who knows where when I herd pounding footsteps behind us.

"Where do you think you're going?" Taylor demands, his voice full of anger.

"You are?" Evan asks politely even though I'm guessing he already knows who Taylor is.

"Taylor, Mia's boyfriend."

"No you're not." I pipe up. Taylor shushes me.

"So who are you?" Evan asks again.

"My best friend," I declare, "that's it, that's all."

"Ah, so to answer your question, we're going to go shopping right now." Evan conveys like it's a big secret.

"No, I don't think you are, because it just so happens that Mia and are going shopping together." He says emphasizing the " I ".

"Who are you to stop us?"

"Ladies! Ladies, let's not fight over who's going shopping with me! Everyone can have a piece of Mia!" I say, looping my arms around their waists. Both men glare at me. "Or not." I mumble while I remove my arms.

"I like where our relationship is going Luna." Evan says in my head.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't get too excited Pablo." I reply. I see him wink at me and poor Taylor is just standing there looking weirdly at us as we start to crack up. He reaches for my hand and as soon as our hands touch, Evan growls. Like literally growls. Like full out dog/wolf thing. Taylor lets go of my hand and backs up slowly. Evan moves in front of me protectively.

"Taylor," I say gently, "I think you should go." and he walks away quickly, looking back at us every so often until he reaches the doors of the mall that were still visible and when he's safely out of the mall, he starts sprinting. He'll probably call the police and report a kidnapping...


"So, where are we really going?" I ask Evan as we walk to his car after making a few purchases of clothes for him.

"Somewhere we can talk alone." He replies simply. We get in the car and I slouch down against the seat and closed my eyes. When I awoke, it was about an hour later and we were parked in the gravel driveway of a farmhouse. There were fences surrounding grassy pastures and every stereotypical farm animal was there.

"I was just about to wake you." Evan stated. I jumped out of surprise.

"I-I thought I was alone." I stuttered.

"Nah, I wouldn't leave my baby alone."

"What?" I thought.

"My car Luna. My car." Evan replied in my head. It's a real inconvenience having a boy in your head, commenting and replying to your every thought. " I herd that and you can do the same to me and you can shut me out too." 

"How?" I shouted in my head.

"Calm down,"  he instructed, " and then just talk to me in your head. It's really quite simple." I tried and said "Hey" and mind-winked at him. He then laughed in my head. "You're already at the next step!"

"And what's that?" I ask.

"Sending pictures or images. Now, in your head, touch my arm."

"Excuse me?"

"Just do it."  I tried it and I felt his arm under my hand and I think that he can feel my hand on his (very) muscled arm. Right as I think that, I imagine in my mind that I shut a door in my mind in his face. I really hope he didn't hear that.

"You're a quick learner!" Evan exclaimed out loud.

"Why?" I ask for the billionth time.

"I was just about to teach you how to block me out but you figured that out on your own."

"The door in my mind thing?"

"Yeah, but it  works better if you imagine a wall slamming down in your mind. People can still hear what people say behind doors."

"And walls too."

"Smart girl." He muttered as the door to the farmhouse opened and three shirtless, buff, hot (like damn!) men stumbled out. When they saw the car and who was in it, they started jumping around and pushing each other while yelling in-audible stuff.

"You can't hear through car doors either." We say in each other's minds at the exact same time. We start cracking up again. The guys outside start yelling and laughing louder than ever and pretty soon two girls came outside too.


A/N: In the other chapters when Mia and Evan were mind-speaking, she was just thinking and he was reading her thoughts. Now he taught her how to actually mind-speak and have a mind-conversation if that makes any sense at all...

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