Life As She Knows It

Mia is chasing her dream of becoming a professional photographer in New York, the city where dreams come true or life decides to step on your dreams and throw them into the growing pile of garbage. One day a strange, leather-clad man walks into her studio and then walked out after sniffing the room. That man will change her life as she know it for ever.

Loosely based off of Quinn Lofits' interpretation of werewolves and mates and stuff.


5. Chapter 5

Apparently I've been "moping around the house like a useless couch cushion" for a couple days and now Taylor's worried that I'm depressed and that I'm going to kill myself so he has hidden all the razors and won't let me cook; drama queen much? And to make matters worse, hes been staring at me sadly constantly. One other thing, even though I haven't left the apartment much, everywhere I've gone, I've seen the guy that was in my studio and at that party; hereby dubbed Pablo. Everywhere. Also, the guy's voice in my head has been coming and talking every day (hereby dubbed Fred).

"Taylor! I want to go shopping!" I yelled even though I'm not in the mood.

"You know you don't want to." Fred says.

"Shut up Fred."

"Who's Fred?"

"Sh!" and I slam a wall down in my brain; it just seems fitting.

"Oh hallelujah! God praise the lord! She's okay!" He yelled. "I was just about to take you to the doctor but now," he continued, trailing off and bustling over to my bed where I was lying. I looked at him strangely but he just ran off to my closet and grabbed a pair of black leggings and a turquoise sweatshirt/shirt. "GO! Go! Go! Hurry up!" He yelled, running out of the room and I hear our front door slam.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I snap to no one in particular, pushing my legs through the small leg holes of the leggings.

"Not fast enough!" He yelled through the door. I shoved my arms and head through their respective holes and plunged my feet into my moccasins. I was ready in seven minutes (with makeup, hair and clothes) and I walked out the door of the apartment. As I expected, he was already tapping his foot anxiously when I exited the elevator and practically dragged me out the door. Fifteen minutes later we were at the mall and it was already getting dark at around six. We were in a store in three minutes after that. Clothes were being shoved into my arms and I was being pushed into a change room. I tried on clothes, bought some stuff and walked out. Taylor was raving about the stuff I bought and how good it would look at certain events and so on when I saw that guy again.

"Hey Taylor," I said cutting him off mid-sentence, "that guy in the black pants and the leather jacket came to my studio last week and I saw him at that party..." I said trailing off, not wanting to tell him about the wolves.

"Do you want me to go talk to him?" Taylor asks, already heading over to the guy.

"No!" I exclaim, "I'm just going to go talk to him."

"Are you crazy!" He yells.

"Sh! I don't think the girls at the back of Victoria Secret herd you." I sassed.

"Oh we have to go there after but that's not the point. You can't go over there! He might kidnap you or something!" He sassed back.

"Oh calm down Mrs Drama Queen, I'm just going to talk to him and you can stand right here ad if we walk away you can follow us and f he tries to kidnap me I give you full permission to flex your muscles at him and bromance him into oblivion."

"Does that mean if he tries anything I can throttle him?"

"Yes but only if it appears that I can't handle it, I'm going in." I sate as I walk towards the guy.

I approach the super tall dude. I forgot how tall he was, and how pretty he was and all that good stuff. I tripped over a tile, letting out a high-pitched squeak but before I hit the ground, strong arms caught me. I somehow closed my eyes, bracing for the impact but it never came so I opened my eyes to see dark green ones staring back. I scrambled out of his grip and I feel Taylor's eyes burning holes into my back but I stand my ground and start talking to the guy.

"Uh, hi. Were you in my photography studio a couple weeks ago?" I ask cautiously.

"Oh yeah! You had a picture of me and my friends on motorcycles and I was interested in buying it."

"What made yo leave suddenly? Was my back room that bad?"

"No! No, no. That's not it."

"Then what?" I pressed.

"From that day and back, how long ago did you go in that front part of the room?"


"Did you go into that front room in the week coming up to that day?"

"No, not that day but I usually go unlock the shop, why do you ask?"

"Who unlocked the shop that day?" This time he pressed for details.

"Uh no, I came in late so my friend did it." He turned away but I went around to the front of his body.

"What about those wolves? Where were you during that? You were gone and then right behind me." I ask quietly.

"Don't ever- You shouldn't- Just- Ugh!" After that he became really quiet. Then I herd that stupid voice in my head again.

"Hey," It said,

"Not now Fred! I know you're my subconscious trying to tell me something and you're not real so just shut up."

"I'm perfectly real, and my name isn't Fred." It said before it faded away but I didn't feel that strange sad sensation like the other times when the voice left.

"Mia Block?" The guy in front of me asked.

"Yes Pablo?"

"So that's your name?" He asked, not bothered at all that I just called him Pablo.

"How do you know my full name?"

"Ways." He says vaguely. I raise my right eyebrow in question.

"What else do you know about me?" I ask.

"You live in New York, you moved here two years ago where you met your best friend Taylor who you live with now who's a pain in the ass, you're a photographer, you turned 19 six days ago and I don't think you're a simple person if I think about it."

"That's exactly what I told Fred!"

"Mia, I need to tell you something. In private."

"No Pablo."


"I don't even know you and you expect me to go somewhere with you in private?"

"I meant the Pablo thing but that too."

"Mia! I'm that voice in your head, look up1 I'm right in front of you. You call me Pablo, my real name is Evan, I just turned 19 two months ago, I like animals, card games, riding motorcycles and I have a black camaro which you almost dented the other night."

"Evan?" I ask. Pablo/Evan just smiled.

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