Life As She Knows It

Mia is chasing her dream of becoming a professional photographer in New York, the city where dreams come true or life decides to step on your dreams and throw them into the growing pile of garbage. One day a strange, leather-clad man walks into her studio and then walked out after sniffing the room. That man will change her life as she know it for ever.

Loosely based off of Quinn Lofits' interpretation of werewolves and mates and stuff.


3. Chapter 3

As we pulled into the overly long driveway, the party was already in full swing. We make our way to the front door and obviously it's unlocked so we walk in. In the front room, people were grinding to the music pounding through a sound system that ran through the whole house. Taylor immediately disappears into the throng of people, leaving me alone and standing awkwardly on the doorstep. I slowly walk into the house and awkwardly make my way to where I think is a kitchen. I grab a drink and after about two or three I start dancing like everybody else. I find myself an hour later, grinding in between two guys. Don't judge. I look past the one guy's shoulder and there's what I think is the guy from my studio that looked at a picture, sniffed the place and left. I'm not sure because I'm a bit intoxicated but it really looks like him. But wait, why is he staring at me? Why does he look like someone just stuck a hot poker up his, well you know. HOLD UP! Why is he coming closer? The guy comes closer and just like that, pushes the other guys away from me. They both start swearing.

"What the hell was that for?" I yell, clearly pissed.

"You're mine." he states.

"The hell I am!" I say and stomp away. The guy grabs my arm and pulls me towards him. I look up at him and he's looking around at everyone else in the room. Then he proceeds to growl. Loudly. The fuck? I try to wiggle out of the vice grip but no. To be even more like the psycho I know he is, he sniffs me again. Bitch nigga!

"Come on." He says.

"Why would I go off to a strange place, in a strange car, with a strange man?" I ask as he pulls me out of the house and to this black camaro which was parked with a couple dozen other fancy cras on the mansion's grass.

"Now explain to me why I should get in a car with a stranger?" I ask again. He looks over my shoulder and then pushes me to the ground so my mouth fills with dirt. I turn around after gagging and spitting to get the wretched out of my mouth and there I see three wolves. Like giant wolves. Like Jacob in New Moon huge. The biggest one was all black except for a little white patch on the end of it's tail. The other two were light brown with darker brown markings on their tails, ears and backs. The biggest one lunged and caught the one by the neck and swung it around. It was tossed to the ground and didn't move again until it scrambled out to the forest about 100 yards away. I turned back to the other two after I watched the first small on scramble off into the forest. The bigger one snarled at the remaining one and it rain away with it's tail between it's legs. The big one then turns to me, cocks his head and then runs to the other side of the car. I quickly lean down to look to the other side of the car but at that moment, one of the doors open on the opposite side of where I am and all I see is a pair of big feet and someone putting pants and shoes on the feet walk away and I'm craning my neck to see where the big feet went.

"What are you doing down there love?" a male voice asks. I quickly turn around and knock my head on the bottom of the car door. I get up while using some fancy choice words.

"That didn't sound lady-like at all!" The guy says in a British accent. Correction, bad British accent.

"Well for one, you pushed me, not very gentlemanly and second, I'm not that lady-like." I snort.

"Well that can always be fixed." He says; again in a bad British accent.

"You have a bad, fake British accent."

"What if it's real?" He says waving his hands in front of my face and making a really ugly face consisting of the duck-lips and his eyes open wide like he just ate something really sour. I raise my eyebrows in question. "Fine! I'm not British." he states regretfully.

"No shit sherlock."


"Excuse me?"

"I'm telling you to watch your language."

"The fuck you are! Hell, I just met you-" 

"and this is crazy, so here's my number. So call me maybe!" A drunk person sings as they pass by us.

"Hey darling!" They yell in my ear as they approach us and loop their arm around my shoulders, their hand just centimeters from my girly bits, "You left and I wanted to come find you so we can continue what we started." Oh, it was one of the guys I was dancing with before!

"Crazy psychopath." I mutter under my breath and I push the guy away, give the crazy wolf/guy/thing a death glare and walk off into the direction of Taylor's car.

"Where do you think you're going?" He says, grabbing onto my arm.

"To my friend's car so that I can drive him home because he's probably more drunk than I am." I state truthfully.

"So that's that stench on you."

"I don't have a "stench" on me! I smell like One Direction's Our Moment and alcohol." I indicated after sniffing my shirt. I successfully walk to Taylor's car, leaving the creep standing like a lost puppy at his big fancy car. A breeze rustles the minimal leaves on the ground, causing me to shiver. I ask myself in my mind,

"Why didn't Taylor get me a jacket!"

My mind answers in a cheery (definitely male) tone,

"You could always come back over here and I could warm you right up!"

"What?" I thought, "No no, my mind is a part of me and a guy's voice couldn't possibly enter my mind unless I'm psycho. I'm not psycho am I?"

"No sweetheart, you're not psycho."

"Then what am I?" I ask, accepting my new crazy status.

"It's hard to explain."

"I've got time."

"It's not like it's a long story, just, complicated."

"Then can you tell me who you are since I'm not going crazy?"

"All in good time Luna."

"I don't like waiting!" I whined.

"I know."

And just like it started, it ended.

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