Life As She Knows It

Mia is chasing her dream of becoming a professional photographer in New York, the city where dreams come true or life decides to step on your dreams and throw them into the growing pile of garbage. One day a strange, leather-clad man walks into her studio and then walked out after sniffing the room. That man will change her life as she know it for ever.

Loosely based off of Quinn Lofits' interpretation of werewolves and mates and stuff.


2. Chapter 2

"Uh, hello?" The guy asked, waving his hand in front of my face. I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts on how pretty he was.

"Uh, sorry, hi, my name is Mia, how can I help you?" I say.

"You already said that." He replied.

"Oh, sorry. I'm just kinda out of it today."

"That's alright," he says with a smile, "who took these pictures?"

"Uh, I did." I reply.

"They're really good you know."


"Can I buy it?"

"No, sorry. I can only sell something if all parties in the photo are notified and are okay with the picture being sold and bla bla bla."

"Well, that's me, right there." He says, pointing at a guy near the front of the picture.

"Is it now?" I ask, "How do I know that's you?"

"Well, the logo on all of those jackets, match the logo on mine." He says, turning around and showing off the logo of a wolf howling and a shadow of a person next to it.

"Well then alright." I say. I take the picture off the easel and check the price. I was about to tell him how much the picture cost when a huge crash and bang resounded from the back room. "ah, that would be something expensive." I joke.

"I should just go and make sure." He says as he starts walking over to the which I had just come through. I start to protest but this guy is fast and by the time I opened my mouth, he was already in my little back room.

It must have been quite a scene. Pictures everywhere, my huge scanner which was smoking, my mac book that my parents got me to edit pictures on but I was expected to somehow pay them back and still make a living for myself without moving back in with them and pretty much a week's worth of garbage and other stuff. My clean up day is usually Sunday but this guy decided to come into my private back room on a Saturday. The dirtiest day of the week.

"Whoah!" The guy exclaimed. Then he did the weirdest thing. He put his nose up and sniffed the room. Yes I said sniffed. "Is this your stuff?" He said puzzled.

"Yeah, sorry, I usually leave clean up for Sunday, sorry for the smell."

"But, that doesn't make sense!"

"What doesn't make sense?"

"Uh, nothing..." The guy quickly turned around and almost ran out the door without buying the picture.

When I got home four hours and two customers, one who was looking for a bathroom and ended up buying a picture later, (a dingy apartment with a cheap rent) Taylor kept pestering me to go to a party with him.

"So?" My best friend Taylor asked me, dragging out the "O" sound.

"No!" I say in an exasperated manner.

"Why not?" He whines.

"I'm to busy!"

"Perfect timing then!"

"No. I'm not going to your, what did you say? Your cousin's, friend's, sister's, ex-boyfriend's, dad's, partner's, friend's, dog's, part time home's, neighbors, son's party!"

"It's actually my cousin's, friend's, sister's, ex-boyfriend's, dad's, partner's, friend's, dog's, part time home's, owner's, wife's son from her first marriage's, party."

"Same difference!"

"For me?" He begged.

"Fine. But I wont be any fun."

"Yay! Can I pick your outfit?"


"You're no fun!"

"I just said that." I say as I run to my room in my apartment that I share with him. I run straight to my bedroom and try to slam the door shut before Taylor got in so he couldn't edit the outfit I picked but my timing was off so just as I was starting to shut the door, he cam barging in. Yay. I know what you're thinking. Taylor is gay and he doesn't know it yet. No. Really. I'm being serious. He's not gay or bi in any way. He's just the best, best friend to have.

I go to my closet and start picking out clothes and throwing them on the bed where Taylor was sitting. Then I go shower. That's how it worked before we made a little deal and some days (like today) when my timing is off. Before I picked out the exact clothes I wanted to wear to go to a party that he would drag me to and while I'm in the shower, he hid the clothes I wanted and put out a random outfit that I personally, would never wear and then locked the rest my clothes in my closet. I had tried not picking out my clothes and just showering but then he took all my clothes and again locked them in my closet and just picked out what he wanted me to wear anyways so now we made a pact a that I give him an assortment of clothes and he makes an outfit. I swear, he should be like a fashion editor which ironically, is what he wants to do. Again, not gay.

So I got out of the shower and there was a really cute outfit on the bed. It's hits and misses with this guy and his outfits. So I put on a burgundy sparkly tank top, dark denim skinny jeans, black high heel booties.

I look at myself in the mirror and Taylor walks in.

"You look hawt!" he says.

"Thanks gurl!" I reply.

"Soooo are we going?"

"Yeah but I still won't be any fun."

"A couple drinks will loosen you up and soon you'll be having as much fun as the rest of us in the autumn air."

"Sure honey." I say sarcastically.

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