Life As She Knows It

Mia is chasing her dream of becoming a professional photographer in New York, the city where dreams come true or life decides to step on your dreams and throw them into the growing pile of garbage. One day a strange, leather-clad man walks into her studio and then walked out after sniffing the room. That man will change her life as she know it for ever.

Loosely based off of Quinn Lofits' interpretation of werewolves and mates and stuff.


1. Chapter 1

"Why can't I get this right!" I say out loud to the empty room that I've been in for the last four hours. I just got back from a week-long trip to the more rural areas of New York. (Rural. Not ghetto. Rural.) I got so many beautiful pictures of scenery and farmhouses but, one of my best photos wouldn't download to the computer. It was stubborn and stayed on the memory card even after my many tactics and hours of concentration and skipped meals to do this. I cried out loud in frustration. I started stomping around the room and punching the walls, trying to deal with my frustration. Then I thought to myself; self, wouldn't this be a great time for someone to walk in and see me like this and my studio looking like crap. As if on cue, I herd the gentle tinkling of the bell attached to the front door that signified that someone had walked in. Great.

I wiped my hands on my faded jeans and looked in a mirror. I look fantastic. Note the sarcasm. I try to yank my hair into a somewhat acceptable hairstyle and walk into the front room where all my best pieces were displayed. I had a fair few scenery shots but I also had almost to many pictures of random people doing random stuff around the great city of New York. I have a couple pictures of family gatherings that I usually make most of my money on. I also got some reasonable pictures of celebrities and buildings too. In short, I'm a well rounded photographer. Anyways, next to a blown up picture of a group of guys on motorcycles, there was a man. Isn't there always?

"Hi, my name is Mia, How can I help you?" I ask the man. He swiftly turned around and I just stared at him. This guy was freaking GORGEOUS! He is my vision of perfection! Wavy brown hair, bright green eyes, muscular, tall, muscular! Hello there beautiful! Did I die and go to heaven? No? THIS IS REAL!

"Uh, hun? You're drooling." The guy said, leaning down and leveling his face with mine. I probably said something incredibly smart like: "You're pretty." or "Are you an angel?"

A/N: I had something up like this but I wrote it in a rush and for a competition so I'm re-writing it and yeah, so comment, like, favorite, THANK YOU!

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