Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


7. You again


Chapter 7: you again

Bentley pov

After She drank the first one she had thirst for more and more and soon enough she couldn't stop herself . She was getting really drunk and she only stopped when I dragged me over to the dance floor. We were dancing together for ages!
  She was an amazing dancer but didn't like to dance properly like she used too because of her dad. 
  We danced with all our friends and I was having a really good time and when then i realised Shiana was gone. I was worried that she might have gone to get another drink, but no she was talking to a few girls at the other side of the room.

*Justin pov

Good old house party's. My mate lil twist had me, Alfredo and lil za go to this party that we were invited to so we went. The party was already started by the time we got there. There was a whole load of drunk people on the porch and front yard.
  Once we got inside I decided to go and grab a drink of something to get me tipsy but not drunk because that means that I would feel really bad tomorrow!
 I was following twist to the drinks table because for some reason he supposedly knew exactly where it was.
  Shit I just bumped into the girl she had long brownish blonde hair and bright blue eyes the were beautiful but familiar too familiar.

Justin: you again

 I winked at her and she looked pretty pissed off. she could barely stand up she was so drunk and she had another cup of something probably alcohol I her hand. 

Shiana: aw fuck it's you! 

Justin: yeah it's me have a problem princess? 

Shiana: yeah actually I do! And don't call me princess.

She gave me a death glare and shoved her way past me. Damn I don't know what it is about that girl but she drives me insane.

* drunk Shiana pov

Ugh thank god I don't have to face that douche for much longer I thought as I shoved passed him. Now what was I doing again? I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do so I kept walking threw people to try to remember and then I accidentally bumped into another guy and almost fell.
  Luckily he caught me I looked into his beautiful brown eyes he was tall with amazing hair.

Guy: woahh are you ok? 

Shiana: omg yea I'm fine thanks 

Kendall: I'm Kendall by the way

He held out his hand in order for me to shake it and I gladly accepted it. 

Shiana: Shianas the name

* Kendall pov

Shiana: Shianas the name

She was a really pretty girl but so not my type but she was hot so why not flirt with her. We exited the house and walked into the back garden as we talked and I got to know more about her and she got to know more about me.
  We sat underneath this big oak tree in the garden and we talked and the all of a sudden out of nowhere she crashed her plump soft lips against mine and I kissed back and pulled her onto my lap her arms around my neck.
  We made out for ages and in the end I was lying on the ground and she was ontop of me. I was thinking of being laid tonight until someone called her name.

Justin: Shiana? 

She pulled away and we both looked up it was my good mate justin! We met a while ago when I was with my band big time rush. 

Kendall: Justin?

Justin: Kendall? 

Kendall: yeah bro it's me what's up? 

Justin: oh umm hey nothing what about you?

Kendall: just making out with this chick....
Shiana: Justin you again fuck off and leave me alone for once! 

Justin: Shiana your drunk out of your mind, he's going to take advantage of you. 

Shiana: Justin I really don't give a damn if he is trying to take advantage of me because I'm taking advantage of him it's all an act it's called teasing.

Kendall and Justin: wait what? 

Shiana: I'm teasing you! Gosh did you not get that?

She looked pretty pissed off she got up off me and stormed off.

* drunk Shiana pov

Ugh I was so annoyed that he had to interrupt us. Now I just wanted to leave so I went to find Pason. 
I went inside and stormed through a sea of dancing people I was looking for her everywhere and couldn't see her anywhere. Finally I saw her dancing with this tall guy with brown gelled hair.

Pason: omg girl I was looking for you everywhere! Where the hell were you? 

Shiana: ugh long story, I met justin made out with this guy and then justin interrupted us an now here I am and i leaving! 

Pason: that sucks! Oh ok we'll be safe babe!

Shiana: yeah yeah I will.

I turned and walked away.

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