Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


8. Where am I ?


Chapter 8: where am I?
* drunk Shiana pov

As soon as I managed to get out of the house I took a left and went on my way down the street. I had no idea where I was going I just followed my feet. I was really confused about as to where I was too but I guessed that I was down town. 
  I was passing an alleyway when I heard voices, I looked down and saw a group of guys trading something they saw me and they split up four of them started following me they all had their hoods up and they were talking about me.

Guy 1: she's hot man

Guy 2: yeah and what a rack

Guy 3: mmhhh dem curves, how about her because if you don't take her I will.

Guy 4: you know there's only one girl I want.

That voice sounded all to familiar I turned my head to get a good look at them. Fuck

Guy 2: damn justin ain't that your chick?

Justin: Shiana?

Shiana: do you seriously have to follow me everywhere? And what are you doing here anyway? 

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to face them.

Justin: hey I was here first and I would like to ask you the same question?

Shiana: I honestly don't know and I really don't have time for this shit ok I just want to get home 

Justin: do you even know where you are? 

Shiana: no but it doesn't matter I'll find my way.

Justin: here just let me help you, please? 

Shiana: look haven't I made it clear that I want to have nothing to do with you? 

Just then a car pulled over and the window rolled down. It was Bentley thank god I hopped in the car and blew justin a kiss.

~next morning~
The next morning I woke up with a bad pounding in my head and I felt like it was about to explode I couldn't remember a single thing about last night. I sat up and looked around the room I was in was familiar there was someone beside me in the double bed. Bentley.
  I looked down at what I was wearing only a bra and underwear. Shit what went on here last night? I saw my phone on the night stand I grabbed it I had 2 missed calls from mom and a few messages too. 
  At this stage I was freaking out I gently woke up Bentley. 

Bentley: morning shy 

Shiana: yeah um good morning look I know this is really awkward but what happened here last night? 

Bentley: don't worry nothing happened I saw you down town talking to some guys and I thought you needed a lift. I didn't want to bring you home because you were so drunk so brought you here.

Shiana: oh my gosh, wait where are your parents?

Bentley: there away for the weekend and I texted you mom to tell her you were staying over at Pasons.

Shiana: omg your a star, but I gotta get going

I got out of the bed and went into his wardrobe and grabbed a shirt and basketball shorts and tied my hair in a pony tail. I also borrowed a pair of his high top and I told him I would give them to him in school tomorrow.

Bentley: you want a lift? 

Shiana: no I'm fine it's only like a 10 minute walk.

Bentley: I'm ok we'll see you tomorrow then

Shiana: yeah bye 

I hugged him and then left with all my stuff in a brown paper bag. As I hot into the gates of my community I was honked at by a big black range rover. 
   The car began to drive slower and the two windows on the side facing me got rolled down.

Guy 1:damn girl

Guy 2: you got it going on

I ignored there annoying remarks and just kept walking. 

Justin: hey Shiana 

I turned to look at the car and hues who I saw my most favourite person in the world justin bieber. 

Shiana: stalker much? 

Justin: not really how about you?

Shiana: what in the world makes you think that I would ever even consider stalking you? I mean I don't like you.

Justin: how can you not like me if you don't know me? 

Shiana: because your just like the rest of them. 

That made him annoyed so with that he just speed away. Once I got home I went threw the gates unlocked the doer and went inside to she Adrianna.

Adrianna: hey where were you? 

Shiana: hi um I was at Pasons why?

Adrianna: no you weren't because I saw her this morning at IHOP.

Shit I was caught.

Adrianna: we're you with a boy? We're you with Bentley?

Shiana: yeah i was with Bentley but not t like that he took me to his cause i was drunk and I stayed there for the night. 

She chuckled to herself.

Shiana: seriously nothing happened!

Adrianna: sure..... 

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