Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


5. Not so tuff now


Chapter 5: not so tuff

when I was on my way back I saw the guy pulling ade away by the hand. She looked uncomfortable and was trying to slip out of his grip so I decided that it was my time to step in.
 I walked over to him and tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and looked right into my eyes and I looked back into his dark, cold, cruel eyes. He was probably hoping I was be intimidated or scared, but me no way I am afraid of nothing! 

Shiana: what the fuck dou you think your doing? 

Ade looked around saw me and looked really relieved, she released a sigh.

Guy: I'm about to leave with my girlfriend. 

His grip on ade tightened. It must have been sore because the way her face changed, she looked like she was in so much pain. Now I was furious.

Shiana: she is not your girlfriend and I would know so I would advise you to let her go or else....

He looked deeper into my eyes and he took a step closer to me so I could smell his cologne and he must have been drinking a lot because the smell of alcohol off him was really strong.

Guy: or else what princess.

He smirked at me, that was it no one smirks at me like that. 

Shiana: or else this you skunk bag.

I kicked him right between the legs in his you know where and he immediately fell to his knees and let go of ade. 

Shiana: not so tuff now are you? 

I smirked at him and I took ade by the wrist and brought her back to our seat. 

Adrianna: OMB I'm so sorry that was really stupid of me. 

Shiana: it's ok girl, it's happened to me before too. It happens to us all.

She hugged me and we enjoyed the rest of the concert together.

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