Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


11. It's not what you think it is...

Chapter 11: it's not what you think it is... The whole ride home was quiet and awkward between me and ade. Adrianna: so She smiled her little grin at me and I knew she wanted to know what was going on. Shiana: beiber wants me to give him a chance so I'm going out with him tonight but it's not what you think it is! Adrianna: yeah whatever She rolled her eyes at me, ugh she's such a drama queen! Adrianna: but be careful with these famous guys you know after what happened last time... Shiana: yeah I know don't worry sis! Adrianna: I just yeah ok I trust you. I smiled at her and then we pulled into the driveway, got out unlocked the door and walked inside. Mom: hey girls Adrianna: MOM SHIANAS GOING ON A DATE WITH JUSTIN BIEBER! Mom: OMG!! SHIANA! They were both yelling now, ugh it's not that big a deal is it? He's not even that good looking... No he's amazing looking. Omg I did not just think that no stop Shiana stop! Mom: Shiana omg your going out with a teen heart throb She snapped me out of my thoughts and I walked into the kitchen where she was. Shiana: 1 it's not that big a deal and 2 it's not a date he just wants me to give him a chance to be friends that's all! So calm your ass down! Mom: alright what ever Adrianna and my mom just looked at each other and chuckled. Fine don't believe me then see if I care. Adrianna: ok even though it's not a " date " date but at least wear something really nice. Shiana: ok well how about you help me pick, if you stop saying its a date ok? Adrianna: deal We shook on it and made our way upstairs. It was already 5:30 so I hopped in the shower while Adrianna picked out a few outfits from me to choose from. I washed myself and then went back into my room to change. On my bed there was a pair of matching purple lace underwear. I slipped them on and then I walked into my closet where Adrianna was still picking out clothes. She smiled at me and gave me the choice, I looked over all of them and the one I choose was a tight black strapless dress with black heels with bows on the straps, gold necklace with a diamond and my clada ring. I put on make up some foundation, blusher, pink lip gloss, eye liner, mascara and smokey turquoise and black eye shadow. My hair was in loose curls. I looked in the mirror and damn I looked good! I went into show ade she was still looking through my clothes when she looked up at me her mouth dropped. Adrianna: shit you look hot sis! Shiana: not too hot though right? Adrianna: no just perfect She smiled at me and I checked the time on my phone it was 7:30 on the dot and I heard the doorbell ring. I made my way downstairs to find that my mum had already answered the door. Fuck. They were talking and all I want was for them to stop. When I came into view the both stopped and looked at me. Shiana: you know it's rude to stare right? Mom: oh yeah right we'll see you later you have your phone, money and keys right? Shiana: yeah ok bye Mom: bye I hugged her and walked out the door and she closed the door after us. Justin was still checking me out. Shiana: you done yet I asked him as we walked to his white Ferrari. Justin: I am now. You look really pretty by the way. He smiled and winked at me. He open the door to the car for me it was such a nice car. Did I mention that I loved cars? Well I do, just like my dad. The drive there we talked all about cars and stuff and after about twenty minutes of driving we pulled into this restaurent called wongs. Shiana: omg I love this place! Justin: yeah me too they got real good food. I agreed and we walked inside, he was being such a gentlemen. He had a table reserved for us in a private booth. We got the menus and ordered and we just talked, got to know each other and time went so quickly because then I looked at the time on my phone and it was 11:30. Justin: woah time flies when your having fun. Shiana:yeah haha Justin: so you had fun? Shiana: well it's not over yet Justin: right ill ask you when I drop you home We got the bill and justin payed which was really sweet I was going to pay but he insisted he did. Once we payed we left but as soon as we walked outside the door flashes were going off everywhere so we back into the restaurent again. Shiana: woah I think I'm going to have a seizure! I joked justin looked at me an then he realised I was joking. Justin: ugh I'm so sorry I just ruined our night! He looked really upset and that made me feel really bad. He just looked down at his feet. Shiana: hey look at me, it's all good ok? It's like a dream come true I've always wanted to walk down the red carpet! Justin: this isn't the red carpet! Shiana: yeah but it's close I mean there's paparazzi and a carpet! Come on it's all fine lets just go have fun. He was about to speak but I pulled him outside by the hand before he could. As soon as we stepped out the flashes went off again. I just posed for them, I did funny faces and pretty faces and stuff and then Justin joined in. Paparazzi: justin is that your girlfriend? Paparazzi: she's a pretty one justin Paparazzi: give us a kiss That's what they were all yelling at us. We slowly but surely made our way to the car. Justin: woah that was pretty good, how did you know what to do? Shiana: emm I couldn't tell him the truth so I lied. Shiana: I just guessed haha Justin: well it was a good guess, well I better get you home it's getting late. Shiana: yeah I turned the radio on and counting stars came on by one republic came on and I started to sing along. Justin: your a really good singer you know. What other hidden talents do you have? Shiana: well I can model and dance but I don't dance any more because well, it was me and my dad's thing to dance and when he died I just simply stopped, it hurts to remember him. I saw justin glance at me quickly. Justin: oh I'm really sorry Shiana. Shiana: don't worry it was a long time ago. Then we pulled into my drive way and I gave justin my number and he gave me his. He walked me to my door too. Justin: so?? Shiana: sooo???? Justin: do you like me now? I had to think about it I mean I definitely like him but I think I like him as more of a friend.... Shiana: yeah your a good kid bieber. We reached my door and our eyes locked an he started to lean in and so did I. Oh no this is not happening! Our lips were about to meet when someone opened my door. Mom: I thought I heard voices Then he saw what we were about to do. Mom: oh I'm really sorry I backed away and walked inside I smiled and waved back to Justin. Then there was mom and ade looking at me with that face that says " talk" Shiana: it's not what it looks like Then I walked away up to my room and I fell asleep immediately because I was so tried.
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