Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


1. Intro

Chpt1: intro

Well I'm shiana Gonzalez I have long straight brownish blondy hair, blue eyes. I live with my mum lesha and my sister Adrianna in LA and I have lived here all my life. My dad passed away of cancer when I was 10 I am now 18 and Adrianna is 16. Adrianna has long blonde hair and brown eyes. We both have tanned skin because we are half Spanish. 
 I attend north ridge highschool where I am head girl and I am the most popular girl in school, but I like to think of it as having lots of friends. 
 This year is my senior year and I'm going to make it my best year ever. And I'm going to do it all with my best friend pason. Pason has long wavy brown hair that reaches her waist like mine. We have been best friends since pre k and we tell each other everything. There're also one little thing I hate celebraties especially justin bieber he's the worst. Why because there snobs simple as! 


Hey guys comment if you like it! 

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