Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


17. I'm sorry

Chapter 16: 

*justin pov*

    Later that day pason was dismissed from hospital, her parents found out and were quite unhappy but that's not my problem.
After we left the hospital I went to mcdonalds with Shiana and then dropped her home.
    When I arrived Carlos was being very distant and quiet, avoiding all eye contact. I was beginning to think he knew something so when he was all alone it the kitchen, as usual, I approached him.

Justin: Carlos what's up man?

   He was still avoiding eye contact with me.

Carlos: nothing really man what about you?

Justin: it's all good, man are you ok I mean you seem a bit shook up? 

Carlos: yeah I'm fine I swear

   Now I know that there's something up because Carlos doesn't swear unless he's lying he always promises if he's telling the truth.

Justin: ok don't bullshit me man! What's really going on do you know something about pason?

   He just stood there looking straight into the fridge he completely froze until finally he answered probably because I wouldn't stop looking at him.

Carlos: I saw her take them.

Justin: the drugs?

Carlos: yeah I knew this morning that's what was wrong with her

Justin: where did she get them from? Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you stop her? 

Carlos: I-i-I saw her take them from this guy with jet black hair, pale skin and dark eyes. I was confused at first but then I understood, he helped her sniff it. I wanted to stop her but I couldn't because two guys were preventing me from getting to her! I feel so stupid, I should have told you why did I have to be so fucking stupid he could have died! It's all my fault!

   He began to tear up he was really mad at himself that made me feel really bad. I stop there awkwardly as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Justin: dude it's not your fault! It's ok she will understand every one will i mean your slow! 

   I said the last bit sarcastically and we both laughed at it as he began to cheer up. We decided to all come to mine tomorrow morning and that's where he was going to tell everyone! 

  * Shiana pov * 

I woke up the next morning and I recieved a message from justin.

- hey babe come over at 1:00 ok? 

- hey yeah ok I'll be there bye baby x

- ok see you later :)

   Ok no x or o what is up with this kid right now?!?! Ugh oh well I'll find out later! I quickly popped in the shower as I realised it was 12:15 already!  I striped and got inside the shower and let the hot water drip down my back.
   Once I got out I put on matching purple lace underwear, ripped denim jeans, a white bralet and a cardigan. I did my hair in a fish tail braid and put on some basic make up. I grabbed my phone it was 12:46 so I grabbed my car keys and headed over to Justins. 
    I pulled up to Justin's and walked straight in the door. 

Justin: who's there?

   Justin yelled, his voice echoed slightly through the house. He sounded upset.

Shiana: it's i mass murderer! 

I laughed and I could hear all the boys laugh too! I walked into the sitting room to find them all on the sofas. I sat down and sat opposite justin beside Kendall.

All the guys: hey girl!! 

Shiana: hey boys! So why am I here? 

Kendall: that's what I'm wondering too I mean not to be rude, they dragged me here too! 

We laughed and justin coughed on purpose and nudged Carlos who was beside him.

Carlos: well....... Isawtheguythatgavepasonthedrugs

Shiana: woah boy slow the fuck down! 

Carlos: I saw the guy that gave pason the drugs and it didn't click until this morning that that was what she took! I'm really sorry I feel like such a dick I should just leave I'm sorry! 

   Ok I was not expecting that my mouth was slightly open. Kendall looked upset and a bit angry. Justin obviously knew and I can't believe he didn't tell me but I'm not going to start this. Carlos got up but I stopped him, he looked a little afraid to be honest. 

Shiana: Carlos it's ok, she's ok and very things fine! We forgive you! 

  I think he was a little shocked but I pulled him into a tight hug which he gladly returned until justin interrupted us.

Justin: so is every one all good? 

Kendall: yeah I guess so :) 

Justin: well good, who's hungry?

Carlos: me!!!! 

We all laughed because I mean when isn't Carlos hungry?

Justin: ok well how's about a mcdonalds?

 All: yeahh!!!!! 

Logan: I'll go get it with Carlos ok? 

Kendall sounds good I'm going to see if pason wants to come over so et something for her too! 

After that just me and justin were in the house alone. I went and took my place back on the couch and justin sat beside me and put his arm around me.

Justin: baby I'm sorry I haven't been so well... I haven't been a good boyfriend....

 He looked down at his lap. I pulled his head up so I could look directly into his beautiful caramel  eyes.

Shiana: babe it's ok, what happened shook us all up a bit and I mean I was acting weird too! 

   He slowly began to lean in and so did I once our lips met fireworks set of in an instant! We both smiled during the kiss and then pulled away.

Justin: thank you! 

Shiana: thank you too! 
   We bother laughed then the boys came back with the food and then in came Kendall and pason came in and we all ate and talked about what happened and the mysterious guy that gave pason the drugs, I think I know who it is but why? 

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