Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


19. He's back


Chapter 18: he's back

*shiana pov* 

Ugh I think justin thinks I know something which I do but I don't want to tell anyone I mean I don't want to have tell anyone I mean pason knows what he did but no one else I mean I'm surprised she hasn't figured out it was him. 
  I don't know why he's going after her and not me but what ever. I just can't go through it all again not now, not ever.

It's Wednesday today, yay short day Justin's coming to pick me up to go to school and then I'm going back to his after. 
  It's 7:00 Justin's coming at 7:30. I quickly got up and popped into the shower, the hot water sliding off my body. Once I was finished I got dressed into light blue ripped skinnies a grey tank and a crimson cardigan with gladiator sandals. 
  I put on light makeup and I did my hair in a side braid because it was still slightly wet. I had just enough time time way a kiwi and then I heard Justin's car horn. 
 Shiana: ade let's go!

Adrianna: coming.

  We ran out to the car I got in the passenger seat and Adrianna hopped in the back. 

Justin: morning girls 

Adrianna: hey justin! 

Shiana: hey baby :) 

  I leant over and pecked his lips and then we sped off to school. When we arrived Adrianna ran off to her friends and justin and I went to each other's lockers together. We met up with the others and the day went pretty quick. 
•end of school•

I went to my locker to see none other than my most perfect boyfriend leaning beside it. 

Justin: there she is! 

Shiana: hey j 

   He laughed and kissed me. Aw I love his kisses and his lips and his smile and.... No not the time Shiana! 

Justin: last class took forever

Shiana: it's just as long as every other class baby! 

Justin: you know what I mean!

I laughed and he rolled his eyes at me. I got all my books and stuff I was so happy we only had two more weeks left till summer and I will never have to come back to this hell whole ever again! But then there's college. 

Justin: hello earth to shy?!?!

Shiana: oh sorry I was daydreaming there

Justin: yeah I know haha! You ready? 

Shiana: yeah 

Justin: ok legoo!! 

  I closed my locker and intertwined my fingers with Justin's and left. As we exited I thought I saw someone watching me in the corner of my eye, but when I looked I saw no one. The ding my phone went off, it was a message.

~ from ???~ 
    I can see you but you can't see me! 

 Ok that is creepy but I just brushed it off and carried on. We met pason and BTR at the house. I think everyone knew I was a little off because they kept asking if I was ok. I want to tell them but I can't. 
  My phone went off again. 

 ~ from ???~ 
  Meet me at Starbucks in one hour. D

I realised I should reply to confirm but he knows I'll show up. 

Justin: baby are you ok? 

Shiana: yeah I'm ok I'm meeting Bentley in Starbucks in an hour ok? 

Justin: um ok baby do you want me to drop you?

Shiana: no it's ok I'll walk thanks

  He just nodded everyone was looking at me with a funny look. Pason got up and walked into the kitchen then I got a text from her telling me to join her while the boys were playing xbox together.
  I got up and walked inside and saw her leaning against the fridge so I sat on the counter opposite her.

Shiana: yeah what's up?

Pason: you!

Shiana: what?

  Ok I now what it is, I know I shouldn't act so weird but it's so hard! 

Pason: you know exactly what I'm talking about so don't lie to me! 

  Should I tell her no no I shouldn't I don't want to hurt anyone again.

Shiana: I don't know what your talking about

Pason: I'm your best friend and I know when something's up, tell me I won't be mad.

Shiana: no I can't bring you into this or any of the guys

Pason: bring us into what? 

  Tears were threatening so fall from my eyes I kept blinking so they'd slip away but I failed so the wash down my face. 

Shiana: he's back




Hey guys thanks for support not very happy with this chapter but it will get better though! 


Who's back? 

Does he have something to do with Shiana? 

What will happen between Shiana and justin?

All to be revealed! Xx

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