Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


21. He killed

Chapter: he killed!

*shiana pov*

I left Starbucks and drove to Bentleys house I didn't even bother knocking I just walked straight in and called his name because he lived alone because his parents died in a car accident apart from his older brother, Dylan, who was always like the brother I never had. 

Shiana: BENTLEY?!?!?!

Bentley: Shiana? What are you doing here

   He said while jogging down the stairs to greet me. He was wearing sweats and a hoddie. 

Shiana: he's back 

Bentley: who's back?

   I looked at him and raised my eyebrows he looked at me with complete and utter confusion.

Shiana: you really don't know do you?

  He shook his head and pouted a bit which made me chuckle. Then back to all seriousness. 

Shiana: Shane's back you nimrod

  Bentleys jaw dropped he was shocked.

Bentley: how do you know?

Shiana: I went to see him raise he asked me to....

Bentley: what the fuck does he want? 

Shiana: I'll give you one guess

Bentley: no, no fucking way will i let him put his filthy hands on you! Omg he's the one that gave pason the drugs wasn't he?!?! 

  I nodded my head while he was pacing the room and then I heard footsteps behind me I turned my head and got pulled into a big by none other than Dylan.

Dylan: hey shi

Shiana: hey dyl 

Dylan: what's with you 

  He said obviously indicating that question to his brother who was still furiously pacing the floor. 

Bentley: Shane that's what's wrong

Dylan: calm down Shane left, never to return

Shiana: he's back dyl he wants me back

  He looked at me with wide eyes he was a bit lost for words until he finally spoke.

Dylan: well he can't fucking have you back! 

Bentley: I can't believe he even dared to show his face back here let alone ask to see you!

Dylan: how fucking dare he!

    See I told you they were like brothers to me, well Bentleys more of a best friend not a brother. They were both fight about this for a while until one of them said something that caught my attention.

Bentley: I mean Christ sake he killed your dad! 



Cliffyy hahahahah 

Wait I thought she said her dad died of cancer what?!?!? 

What's even going on? 

Lololol hahaha 

Soooo sorry I haven't updated in awhile because I'm studying for my exams, I got a concussion yesterday and I have a really bad cold! I'm sooo sorry! My exams are in all this week until next Monday and then their over yayyyy!!!! I'll be updating loads then! X

Oh by the way please read my new novella breaking bad! Love you's 

Xxxx thanks 

















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