Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


3. Getting ready

Chpt 3: getting ready 

When we got home I went inside to say hello to my mom and then went upstairs to my room. 
My room has lilac walls with a tv, kingsize double bed, laptop, desk, walk in wardrobe, a couch and a bathroom connected. I was was fortunate enough to be from a well off family. 
 I quickly had a shower in my bathroom to freshen up before the concert. I got in and the hot water hitting my skin felt so good. Once I managed to drag myself out of the shower I threw a towel around myself and walked into my wardrobe. " hmmm what to wear" I though to myself. 
I picked out a pair of purple high waisted really short shorts and a tight pastel floral crop top. I got dressed and dried my hair, put it in a waterfall plait and let it fall, since it was straight I didn't need to straighten it. then I began to put on my makeup foundation, smokey eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and blusher and red lipstick. I grabbed my billy button chestnut Uggs. A bit of perfume, money and my phone and I was ready to go. 
I ran down the stairs and I saw my mum singing in the kitchen so I sang along with her. We used to always sing together but we haven't done it for a while.

Shiana: I am titanium.

Mom: we sound good together still! And my oh my you look beautiful honey! 

Shiana: we sure do, thanks mom but it's only for Adrianna

Then I heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs. Speak of the devil! The moment I saw her my jaw dropped and so did my mums.

Ade: what is there something on my face? 

Mom: no it's just you look so grown up! 

Shiana: yeah you look stunning ade. 

She was wearing a pair of turquoise shorts with a black short sleeved top with a picture of justin on it, it was tucked into her shorts. She had her white high top converse on, some makeup, an her hair was wavy and just amazing! 

Shiana: ok well if we don't get a move on we are going to be late! 

Ade: yeah your right. Bye mom I love you. 

We both hugged her.

Mom: ok be safe though girls. 

She stood in ye doorway waving at us as we got in the car and I pulled out of the driveway. 

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