Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


16. Find out


Chapter 15: find out

*justin pov

   After our talk I dropped her back to her house, she was tried and her eyes were drooping due to the fact she had been crying for quite a while. Then after I made sure she was ok I left and went home quite satisfied that I had gained her trust and I could now call her mine. Yeah mine sounds really good. Shit what about my fans?!?! Bieber you did not think this one through!
   Ughhhh once I got home I guessed all the boys were still at the party because the house was dead. I ran up the stairs, went into my room and lay down on my bed and took in all that had just happened.
     Austin was the one that broke her heart? But he's one of my good friends.... I don't understand how he could have done that to Shiana, I mean she's so beautiful, sweet, funny and so much more I mean she's flawless.

<next morning> 
  ????: justin dude get the fuck out of bed

  It's always nice to get woken up by some one banging on your door at 8:00 in the morning.

  Justin: what? Who is that?

   Kendall: dude it's Kendall get up and help pason won't wake up and I don't know what to do?!?! 

    With that I got up immediately and stumbled over to my door and unlocked it. I open to see a pale, scared looking Kendall. A side of him I had never seen before.

    Justin: what do you mean she won't wake up? 

   Kendall: she won't wake up that's what I mean! 

   Shitt I ran into Kendall's room to se pason, even paler than Kendall lying in his bed looking lifeless shit! I went to check her pulse it was unusually slow. Not good.

Justin: shit Kendall call 911 we need to find out what's going on! 

  He dialed away and in stumbled two very confused boys, Logan and Carlos.

Logan: what's going on in here? 

Justin: it's pason she won't wake up!
    He ran over to her side I knew Logan would know what to do I mea he's one smart  kid! Carlos just stood at the doorway in complete and utter shock.

Kendall: the ambulance is o the way! 

  Thank god I ran into my room and called Shiana.

-phone call- 

Shiana: umm hello

Justin: hey Shiana it's me

Shiana: oh hey babe

  Babe I like that sounds nice, shit justin not the time right now ok! 

 Shiana: why are you sounding so panicked at 8:10 in the morning?

Justin: it's pason she stayed over here lastnight writhing Kendall and now she won't wake up!

Shiana: WHAT?!?! WTF?!?!

Justin: the ambulance is on the way once it picks her up I'll come and get you and bring you to the hospital ok?

Shiana: ok babe ill see you then

  I heard her get up and shuffle around her room.

Justin: ok bye

-end of phone call-

And then she hung up. I quickly threw on a white v-neck and black basketball shorts. I heard a lot of footsteps coming up the stairs, the paramedics.
  They put pason on a stretcher and brought her to the hospital. I told Logan to stay here with Carlos because he was really shaken up. with that I left and got in my black range rover to pick up Shiana, Kendall went in the ambulance to make sure she was ok.

*shiana pov*

   Once I got of the phone with justin I through on tracksuit bottoms and a tabletop with a cardigan. I put my hair I a messy bun told my mom I had to go get something and I then heard Justin's car honk. I ran outside and hopped in and he sped off.
  I could tell he was really afraid and stressed because he was gripping the car wheel really tight. 

Justin: you ok?

Shiana: I'm ok what about you and the boys.

Justin:I'm ok Carlos is freaked out, Logan's taking care of him at the house and Kendall got in the ambulance with pason.

  After that it was really quiet I was afraid of what was going on with her. Tears began to pour out of my eyes straight down my cheeks. I was so worried I was lost for words I mean what if she died! 
   We finally arrived at the hospital, we parked the car and I ran into the lobby up to the receptionist.

Shiana: my friend pason Grady just came in in an ambulance where is she?

Receptionist: she is in the emergency area room 122.

Justin: thanks

  She looked at him kinda weirdly as he grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.
  We ran to the emergency section to see Kendall sitting outside the room, he was very pale and slightly shaking.

Shiana: where is she? Is she ok? What happened? 

I suddenly grabbed his shoulders and started shaking, salty tears streaming down my face. He looked at me with fear in his eyes as justin tore me away from him.

Justin: babe shhh everything's gonna be ok shhh. 

  He was holding me back from Kendall but at the same time he was hugging me in a really loving way which helped calm me down.
   Once I finally finished attempting to kill him I took a breather and sat on Justin's lap on the bench beside Kendall. And then he finally opened his mouth and answered my question.

Kendall: I don't really know what happened I mean I looked after once we got there because she was already drunk the only time I took my eyes off her was when I went to the bathroom and Carlos was looking after her for me. When I got back she was fine then a little later we went home and she fell straight to sleep and then she wouldn't wake up this morning.

  I felt really bad because you could tell how upset he was an how he thought it was all his fault.

Kendall: she's now in with the d-doctors, I haven't h-heard anything yet.

   He was about to cry because he kept choking on his words. He put his hands up to cover his face. 
I unwrapped Justin's arms from around my waist and knelt down in front of Kendall. I gently grabbed his wrists and pule them away so as his hands couldn't cover his face anymore.

Shiana: Kendall look at me 

  He didn't move his head from looking at his lap.

Shiana: Kendall I mean it look at me

He looked up at me tears in his eyes and he blinked which caused them to fall. I gently wiped them off his soft cheeks.

Shiana: Kendall I'm sorry I really overreacted, I'm just really worried and I know you are too but she's like a sister to me and if anything happened to her oh god I don't know what id do. I've already lost so many important people to me I couldn't bare to loose her! 

  Tears were now also streaming down my face, we were looking into each others eyes.

Kendall: it's all my fault!

Shiana: no Kendall it's not you did the right thing and it's far from your fault! You did everything you could to protect her, and I respect you so much for that. Ican tell you really like her because if you didn't I'm sure you wouldn't be crying right now! I love you Kendall, not in that way but in a friend way a brotherly way! I'm sorry I got so mad I'm so so sorry! 

   He quickly pulled me into a very tight hug, I saw justin smiling at me causing me to smile too. 

Shiana: ok a bit too tight I can barely breathe! 

Kendall: oh sorry and I love you too but in a sisterly way! 

  Just then the door behind us opened and out came a tall man in a white came out, we all stood up abruptly.

Doctor: you must be here for pason Grady?

Shiana: yes we are. How is she?

Doctor: she is resting, last night was she out somewhere?

Shiana: yes why?

Doctor:well because she was very drunk and intoxicated with cocaine.

  My mouth dropped COCAINE are you insane! Fuck!!! She could have died! How could she be so stupid?!?! 

Doctor: she's very lucky you call the paramedics, she could have died if you hadn't. 

Shiana: can we see her?

Doctor: only if your family

Shiana: I'm her sister and this is her boyfriend can he come in too? 

Doctor: well ok but not you me bieber

Justin: ok doc got it

   He nodded at me and went back to sit on the bench, he looked a bit off. What was bothering him? I don't know but I will find out! Kendall and I entered the room.
   She lay there quite pale with things sticking into her all over, it made me feel sick.
    I went over to her side, I held her hand loosely and whispered.

Shiana: oh baby girl, look at you, you shouldn't be like this. If I ever find out who did this to you I will kill them, I'll show them the old me.

   I was hoping Kendall didn't hear me but obviously he did because he gave a weird confused look.
   We sat there for a while, until she finally woke up. Her eyes gently fluttered open.

   Pason: fuck this is the worst hangover ever! Where am I?

   Her little comment made us chuckle.

Shiana: hey Hun, were at the hospital because you almost died because you were really drunk and took cocaine!

  I said that in a very worried and stern voice, her eyes were so wide I swear to god I thought they were about to pop out of her head! 

Shiana: and not to mention if it wasn't for Kendall here you would have died! 

Pason: best party ever!!! What a night huh? 

Kendall: it's not funny pason, we were worried sick we haven't even told you parents! We have been crying for ages! 

Pason: wait you were crying too? Why?

Kendall: because pason I really like you I do! I fell like it's all my fault because I clearly didn't do a very good job of watching you! 

  They were both crying now. Omg I swear this is one of the cutest things ever! I felt like crying too, where's the popcorn when you need it.

Pason: I really like you too

  They were both looking straight into each others eyes and slowly they started leaning in. Finally their lips crashed.

Shiana: omg justin justin look! 

  He ran into the room as they pulled away

Shiana: aww shucks you missed it babe.

Justin: what did I miss.

Shiana: well they kissed and it was just so adorable! 

Justin:'oh I knew they'd get together, Logan owes me $10! 

   We were having a conversation about them totally forgetting they were there until pason interrupted us.

Pason: we are right here you know! 

Shiana: oh yeah forgot about that! 

  I looked at Kendall and winked at him to tell him to ask her.

Kendall: pason will you be my girl?

Pason: if your talking to me then fuck yeah! 

  They both kissed again, justin and I awwed and they pulled away and blushed. 

Shiana: yay we can go on double dates! 

Pason: wait what?!?! 

Shiana: oh yeah well me and justin we're together! 

Pason: aww so cute! You better treat her well justin or I'll kill you and I mean that! 

He just smiled.

Shiana: happy couples

  We all laughed except for justin he just smiled, he was being unusually quiet! I need to know what's going on in that little head of his! 


Soooo sorry for not up dating just was really busy lately because of my exams and stuff! Trying to update more often though sorry guys! Thanks for the feed back y'all are soo great! Love you's!

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