Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


14. Decided

Chapter 14: decided

*shiana pov

Everyone slept over that night but I got barely any sleep thinking about the kiss. It felt so right, but I'm afraid to get hurt again. I want to fall but what if he's not there to catch me?

* justin pov I got barely any sleep last night I kept tossing and turning thinking about what the future holds for me and Shiana. I really like her I mean I really do, she's the one I want the only one I want. Tonight at the party that's when I'll make my move it's decided.

* Shiana pov Tonight at the party ill decide how it's going to be that's what will determine my future. I have decided. It's not 10:00 and still nobody's up, we all slept in the sitting room we talked until like 4:00 then that's when everyone started to fall asleep but not me nope. I couldn't sleep but that doesn't matter know. I got up and carefully made my way to the kitchen, thank god I didn't wake anyone. I decided to make some pancakes for when everyone wakes up. Yumm pancakes with chocolate chips my specialty. Suddenly I felt someone grab my waist from behind I turned around to face a smiling justin. Shiana: umm hey justin Justin: morning Shiana He still had his arms around me, this wasn't what I had decided no. I walked out of his grasp, he looked a bit confused. Shiana: justin there's still no us.... Justin: oh come on Shiana I know you felt something last night! Shiana: ok maybe I did but I'm just not ready yet, ok? Justin: yeah ok but I'll get you I promise you that, you will be mine Shiana: dream in bieber dream on. At that moment the whole gang must have woken up and smelt the pancakes because they all ran in and sat at the table which I had laid out. There like animals! Authors note *IMPORTANT Hey guys I know it's short but I need to decide if Shiana will end up with justin! Voter ok I need your help so comment and vote yes if the should go out and no if they shouldn't! Thanks for the support! Chapter 14: yes *shiana pov Ugh well time just flys when you having fun.... It is now four o clock the party starts at 8:00. Every one has just left because I too them I needed to get ready. Yeah I know what your thinking four hours really? But yeah I need to have a shower put on fake nails do my hair and makeup and pick an outfit! I was heading upstairs when I hear the front door open and slam shut. Shiana: hey ade She didn't reply I saw her head towards me and she started to storm up the stairs. I grabbed her arm to stop her. Shiana: woah ade what's up girl? Still no reply she just glared at me and gave me the " seriously piss the fuck off" look. Adrianna: let me the fuck go! Shiana: what the fucks with you?!?! I was pissed that she swore at me, she never swears unless she's really mad. She squirmed trying to get out of my grasp but I wasn't letting her go without an explanation. Shiana: start talking now! Adrianna: it's just I'm soo sick of being used by people. Then she burst into tears. Shiana: what happened girl? Adrianna: that hasting boy he used me to get his girlfriend back. I thought he liked me, but who am I kidding no one will ever like me! And I'm sorry I didn't listen to you about them. She was sobbing uncontrollably at this stage. Ugh I warned her about those boys. Shiana: look it's ok hun, everyone likes you and plus you could do so much better. I'm going to get you a good kind sweet boyfriend. She smiled and wiped her tears away and I embraced her in a tight hug. Adrianna: ugh I hate the way you always make me feel better! We both laughed and got up off the steps and went to our rooms. It was 4:45 already I quickly turned on the shower and stripped my clothes and hopped into the shower. The soft hot pellets of water hitting my skin. I washed myself and sang to myself. After I was finished I got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I got changed into some sweat pants and a loose top, just to wear so I could get ready. It was 5:30 by that stage so I started to dry my hair and then I straightened it. I began to apply my makeup with a sparkly light blue and black smokey eyeshadow, pale pink lipstick, mascara, foundation, blusher and all the rest. I looked in the mirror and damn I looked good and I wasn't even dressed yet. Just then my phone buzzed. ~1 message justin bieber ~ Hey hot stuff I'm picking you up at 8:00 for the party and I'm not taking no for an answer! See you then babe xxx Aww that's so sweet and cute! Wait no it's not... Oh who am I kidding it is cute and sweet and I do like him, I like him a lot. ~ message to justin bieber~ Emm ok see you then x Now I have to pick my outfit, I waltzed into my wardrobe and searched around for something hot to wear. After about a half hour I found the perfect outfit. It was a black cut out crop top with black knicker shorts that showed off me butt and boobs really well but not too slutty. This is what I would usually wear and everyone says I look great so yeah. I put it on and grabbed a pair of black heels my one with the bows on the back. I stood up and looked in the mirror. I looked good. After that I put on my ombré purple fake nails with gems in them, my gold chain and some perfume. By that time it was 7:45. So I went to see Adrianna and tell her I was leaving soon. Shiana: hey I'm going now Adrianna: shit sis you look hott!!! Shiana: aww thanks ade! You'll be ok here right? Adrianna: yeah of course Stacey and trinity are coming over so it's all good! I heard a car honk outside. Shiana: shit that's my ride gotta go baby sis, see you later I'll be back late! And with that I grabbed my keys and my phone and ran outside to see Justin standing outside my door holding a rose. Justin: well you look hoottt I giggled and I felt blood rush to my cheeks. I heard wolf whistles behind him. I looked to see who it was and of course it was Kendall and Carlos. Shiana: you don't look so bad your self bieber! I winked at him, shut the door and walked to his car. He followed close behind me, I glanced back to find that he was checking me out. Shiana: take a picture it will last longer sweetheart He chuckled and open the car door for me and got in the other side and we all drove off to the house. Once we arrived he once again opened the door for me. The party was booming inside, people we already drunk outside on the front lawn and throwing up and stuff eww. Justin grabbed my hand and to my surprise I let him. A smile grew on his face as we entered the house. It was full with people. We walked into the sitting room to see if we could find anyone, we were still holding hands. Some people glanced at us probably because he's Justin Bieber. Finally I saw pason over at the drinks table... Of course. As soon as she spotted me she ran up and hugged me. Pason: hey babyyyyy Shiana: hey girlll I could tell he was a little tipsy already so I took the drink out of her hand and drank it myself. Pason: yo that was my drink!!! Shiana: oops I smiled, justin was standing beside me Kendall and Carlos were chatting up some girls. Shiana: justin can you go grab me a drink pleasee? Justin: sure what do you want? Shiana: um can you get me a straight vodka please? Justin: sure anything for a pretty girl He winked at me and walked off. I got dragged into the dance floor by pason and we started dancing together. Soon enough we were dancing with to college guys who were hot as hell! I was grinding on one o them until someone pulled me away. Justin: here's your drink Justin handed me the drink in a rough way. Shiana: woah what's your problem? Justin: my problem is that I have been trying so hard to get your attention all the time, trying to get you to be my and your just grinding on that guy like he's your boyfriend. Shiana: aww is Bieber a jealous? He just scoffed at me and turned away as if he was just done with me, giving up. This slightly broke me. Shiana: justin stop! I grabbed his wrist and dragged him in the opposite direction and lead him upstairs into and unoccupied room. I went in locked the door and sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at him. Justin: what Shiana I'm sick of your games! Shiana: I know Justin, I'm really sorry I just I'm afraid... Justin: what are you afraid of? Shiana: I'm afraid of falling in love with you because well your famous and one day your just going to pick up your stuff, leave and forget about me just like him. I was crying at this point and justin came over and sat beside me and hugged me tight. Justin: I promise you that I will never leave you just like that and I will never ever forget you! Shiana: thanks justin, but I just don't know. Justin: I get how your feeling but I really want you to be mine! I promise I will never hurt you or leave you please just give me a chance. We were looking directly into each other's eyes. His hazel brown orbs looked with my light blue ones. Shiana: ok, I trust you Justin: Shiana will you be my girlfriend? Shiana: yeah I will We both smiled at each other and he pulled me into a very tight hug and when I say very tight hug I mean very tight! Shiana: umm justin I can't breathe here! Justin: oh sorry I grabbed his hand in my head I was about to get up but he said something that made me freeze. Justin: who is he? Shiana: who's who? Justin: the guy that got famous and left you? I looked down at my hands I never talked about this with anyone other than my mum and ade everyone else know not to talk to me about it. Shiana: um well Justin: look I'm sorry I probably shouldn't have asked that. Shiana: no it's um fine your going to find out eventually. Emm well I used to date um Austin Mahone and then once he was signed he left me and never called or messages me or anything. Justin: shy I'm so sorry, but I promise you I won't do that to you I really like you and it kills me to see you hurting like this. We just sat there together, I was embraced in his hug. I was taking in his strength, scent everything I could. I wanted to remember this forever. Oh shit I think I'm falling for him! AUTHORS NOTE Hey guys keep up the comments and feedback stuff! Hope you like this chapter :) love you's thanks for the support.

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