Will you love me

Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls for her and won't give up until she falls for him.


10. Chance

Chapter 10: chance

Authors note: sorry haven't updated for a while was telly sick all better now though. If you like my story like it and if you don't like my novella comment and tell me what I'm doing wrong! Love yous xox


* Justin pov

My first day of a new school for my last year of school a new start. I was starting with a few of my famous friends like Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan from BTR. 

Kendall: this is going to be awesome. I mean the girls will be throwing themselves at us! 

We were all in my car on the way to our new school north ridge high. Finally we arrived and as we got out of the car all eyes were on us, some girls squealed. We walked inside in hope of finding the principals office.
  We got to the principals office about 5 minutes of wandering the corridors. We walked inside to see a lady who directed us inside.

Principal: hello boys. I have been expecting you. I'm mr smith your principal and I hope you enjoy your senior year here.

We all shook his hand and he handed us all our each individual timetables. He told us that he would give us someone to stay with that was in all our classes. 
  I wasn't in any of the same classes as the boys apart from music. The principal then brought us to our classes the first class I had was history. We entered the class room.

Mr smith: hello miss Johnson this is justin and he will be in your history class.

He was now searching the room for someone to help me around. All the girls were desperate for it to be them apart fro one and most of the guys didn't really care.

Mr smith: Shiana Gonzalez, you are in all of mr beibers classes so you will be looking after him. 

The girl in the back of the class lifted her head, it was her my girl. She looked pissed and she rolled her eyes at me. I went and took the seat infront of her, the principal left and the teacher carried on. We'll this is just a great start.....

* Shiana pov

Fuck my life why did I have to be the person to mind him? Why me of all people? The bell then rang signaling the end of class. I put my books in my backpack and left. Someone grabbed my hand as I left the class room. I turned to see who it was, it was Justin. 

Shiana: can I help you? 

Justin: yeah actually you could where's our next class?

He seemed to be so polite, and tolerant. I mean if that was me I wouldn't have been so polite putting up with my shit. Maybe he is different..... No stop it snap out of it he's like the rest of them.

~ lunch ~ 

Finally lunch and Justin was still sticking to me like a leech. I saw Pason and walked over to her in the cafeteria line.

Shiana: hey Pason! 

Pason: hey chica who's your friend? 

I guessed it was Justin, I didn't know he was still behind me. I turned to look at him and was about to speak until I realised it want justin it was some else.

Kendall: hey Shiana 

I had no idea who the hell this guy was or how he knew me. But he looked familiar.

Kendall: it's me Kendall?

Shiana: omg your the guy from BTR! 

Kendall: yeah I am

Shiana: but wait how do you know me? 

I grabbed a salad and so did pason and the guy got a burger and fries. We all walked over to a different table from the one we usually sit at.

Kendall: Well I'm not surprised you don't remember you were so drunk but um we made out at the party on Saturday! 

Shiana: are you sure? 

Pason: omg that's the dude you made out with? Girl you made out with a pop star. 

Kendall smiled at me. I could feel the blood rushing straight to my cheeks.

Shiana: yeah I guess so, I'm really sorry I don't remember I was just really drunk.

Kendall: yea no worries it happens to all of us.

We all laughed and then a few other guys came over they were the other boys from BTR Carlos, Logan and James and Justin came too. We all talked well I ignored Justin and we all got to know each other a little better. Ding dong, fuck classes again kill me........ 
  The next class I had was double music and justin was tagging along with me because he had no I sea where to go and the same with Logan, Carlos, James and Kendall.
  We took our seats and they all sat next to me. 

Mrs Grady: ok class let's start today by introducing our new students. Oh we'll boys you all seem to be quite friendly with one of the prettiest girls in the school good choice! 

We all laughed and she winked at me. Mrs Grady was really good friends with my mom they went to high school together and are still really close friends. She always favoured me.

Mrs Grady: ok boy come up and introduce yourselves. Tell us your name, age and 3 hobbies.

They all went and stood up at the top of the classroom. 

James: I'm James I'm 18 and my hobbies are hockey singing and girl hunting. 

He winked at Stacey who was looking at him all gooey eyed. Cute!!! 

Carlos: I'm Carlos I'm 18 I love hockey, singing and food!

He had the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen on anyone. 

Logan: I'm Logan I'm 18 and I like science, singing and hockey.

Kendall: I'm Kendall I'm 18 and my hobbies are singing, hockey and making out with girls. 

Justin: I'm justin I'm also 18 and I love basketball, singing and dancing.

They all took their seats and the teacher told us that today we would be doing our practices today for practice.

Mrs Grady: ok who will start hmmmm.

She began to search around the room " please not me, please not me! " 

Mrs Grady: Shiana come up here and sing for us!

Ugh fuck you.....

* justin pov 

Shiana got up out of her seat and walked up to the top of the classroom and asked if she could have a partner to sing with. 
   The teacher said yeah so she picked this girl Leanne who gladly accepted her offer. Shiana whispered something to her and put on a karaoke version of " take a hint".
  She started to sing looking straight at me " why am I always hit on by the boys I never like?". 
  She was amazing and during the song she was moving around the classroom acting to all the guys. Damn she was just so good!
  Once the song was over she took a seat.

Mrs Grady: we'll done girls that was amazing as always! 

*shiana pov

As soon as the song was over I took my seat and I got smiles from everyone. I choose that one to tell justin to back off, I just hope it works. 
  Finally school was over I thought as the last bell of the day rang through the school. I went to my locker to get all the books I needed to get and made my way to my car. And then I saw someone leaning against my car.... Justin. He saw me coming and was about to speak.

Shiana: what do you want? 

Justin: I want a chance

Shiana: and I'm not going to give it to you.

Justin: please just one chance, let me bring you out tonight and if you still don't like me after I won't bother you again, please?

That was a very tempting offer I'm mean all I had to do was spend a little time with him and then never have him bother me again.

Shiana: fine pick me up at 7:00

He smiled and walked away to his car. And I saw Adrianna walk over to me with and eyebrow raised. Damn it. What did I just do? 













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