Weep not, my lady

Allie Lange is an actress who lives in the shadow of her older sister Lucy. And then Lucy gets murdered

Accused of her murder is international celebrity Liam Payne, Lucy's handsome fiancé. The chief witness for the prosecution is Allie Lange.

Before the trial Allie goes to an exclusive world-famous beauty spa, Higgins point- to relax. But at the spa are congregated men and women who had cause to love-or hate- Lucy La Salle. And one of them is determined that Allie will not live to testify...


1. Prologue July 1969

The Kentucky sun rose blazing hot. Eight-year old Allie huddled in a corner of the narrow porch, trying to tuck herself into the thin band of shade from the overhang. Her hair was heavy on her neck even though she had tied it back  with a ribbon. The street was deserted almost every-one was taking a Sunday afternoon nap, or gone to the local pool. She wanted to go swimming too, but she knew better to than to ask. Her Mother and Harry had been drinking all day, they'd begun to Quarrel. She hated it when they had a fight, especially in the summer, when the windows were open. all the kids would stop playing and listen. Today's fight had n been really loud. Her mother had screamed bad words at Harry until he hit her again. Now they were both asleep, sprawled on the bed with no cover on them, the empty glasses on the floor beside them.

She wished her sister Lucy didn't work every Saturday and Sunday. Before she took the Sunday job, Lucy used to call it their day, and she'd take Allie around with her most of the nineteen-year-old girls like Lucy were hanging around boys but Lucy never did. She was going to new York to be an actress, and not get stuck in Lumber Creek, Kentucky. 'The trouble with these hick towns, Sparrow, is that everybody marries right out of high school and ends up with whinny little kids and pabulum all over their cheerleader sweaters. That wont be me.'

Allie liked to hear Lucy talk about how it would be when she was a star, but it was scary too. She couldn't imagine living in this house with mama and harry without Lucy.

It was too hot to play. quietly she stood up and smoothed her t-shirt under the waistband of her shorts. She was a thin child with long legs and a spray of freckles across her nose her eyes were widest and mature - 'Queen solemn-face' Lucy called her. Lucy was always making up names for people, sometimes funny names; sometimes, if she didn't like the people pretty mean ones.

If anything, the inside of the house was hotter than the porch. The glaring four o'clock sun shone through the dingy windows, onto the couch with its sagging springs and the stuffing that was beginning come out at the seams and the linoleum floor, so old that you couldn't even tell what colour it had been, cracked and buckled under the sink. They'd lived here for four years now. Allie could vaguely remember the other house, with a real kitchen and two bathrooms and a big yard. Allie was tempted to straighten up the living room but she knew that as soon as Harry got up, the room would be a mess again, with bear bottles and cigar ashes and his clothes dropped where he shed them. But maybe it would be worth a try. Snores, unpleasant and gruff, came from behind the open door of Mama's bedroom. She peeked in. Mamma and Harry must have made up with their fight. They were all wrapped up in each other, his right leg over hers, his face buried in her hair. She hoped they'd wake up before Lucy got home. Lucy hared to see them like that. ' you must bring your friends to visit Ma-ma and her fiancé,' she'd whisper to Allie in her actressy voice. 'Show off you elegant background.' Lucy must be working over time. The drive-in was near the beach and sometimes on hot days a couple of the waitresses didn't show up. 'I've got my period,' they'd whine to the manager on the phone. 'Real bad cramps.' Lucy had told her about that and explained what it meant. 'You're only eight and that's young but Mama never got around to telling and when it happened, I could hardly walk home, my back hurt much and I thought I was dying. I wont let that happen to you and I don't want other kids hinting around like its something crazy.'

Allie did the best she could to make the living room look better. She pulled down the shades three-quarters of the way, so that the sun didn't glare so much. She emptied the ash trays and washed the tops of the tables and threw away the beer bottles that Harry and Mama had emptied before their fight. Then she went to her room. It was just big enough to hold a bed, a bureau and a chair with a broken cane seat. Lucy had given her a white chenille bedspread for her birthday and brought a second-hand bookcase that she'd painted red and hung on the wall. At least half of the books in the bookcase were plays. Allie selected one of her favourites, Our Town. Lucy had played Emily last year in high school and she'd rehearsed her part with Allie so often Allie knew the part too. sometimes, in arithmetic class, she'd read a favourite play in her mind. she liked it a lot more than chanting times-tables.

she must have dozed off, because when she opened her eyes Harry was bending over her. His breath smelled of tobacco and bear and when he smiled he breathed heavier and that made it worse. Allie pulled back but there was no way to escape him. He patted her leg. 'Must be a pretty dull book, Al.'

He knew that she liked to be called by her whole name. 'Is Mama Awake? I can start to fix supper.'

'Your mama is going to be sleeping for a while. why don't I just have me a little lie-down and maybe you and I can read together?' In an instant, Allie was pushed against the wall and Harry was taking up all the room on the bed. She began to squirm. 'I guess I'll get up and start to make hamburgers,' she said trying not to sound scared his grip was tight on her arms. 'Give daddy a nice big squeeze first, honey.'

'you're not my daddy.' Suddenly she felt trapped she wanted to call Mama, to try wake her up but now Harry was kissing her.

'you're a pretty little girl,' he said 'You're going to be a real beauty when you grow up.' His hand was moving up her leg now

'I don't like that!' she said

'Like what, baby?'

and then over Harrys shoulder she could see Lucy in the doorway. Her green eyes were dark with anger. In a second, she was across the room, pulling Harry's hair so hard his head yanked back, shouting words at him Allie didn't understand. And then she screamed 'Bad enough what those bastards did to me, but I'll kill you before you start on her!'

Harry's feet hit the floor with a thud. He pulled to one side, trying to get away from Lucy. But she kept twisting his long curly hair, so that every move hurt. he began to yell back at Lucy and try to hit her. Mama must have heard the noise because her snoring stopped. She came into the room, a sheet wrapped around her, her eyes circled bleary, her pretty red hair dishevelled. 'What's going on here?' She mumbled in a sleepy, angry voice, Allie saw the bruise on her forehead. 'You'd better tell this crazy kid of yours that when Im just being nice an dreading to her sister, she better not act like there's something wrong with it' Harry sounded mad but Allie could tell he was scared.

'And you'd better tell this filthy ass hole to get out of here or I'll call the police.' With a final tug, Lucy released Harrys curly hair, stepped around him and sat on the bed with Allie, hugging her tight.

Mama started to yell at Harry; then Lucy started to yell at Mama and, in the end, Mama and Harry went to their room and kept on fighting; then there were long silences. eventually they came out of there room fully dressed and said everything was a misunderstanding and as long as the girls where together, they'd just go out for a while. after they left Lucy said 'Want to open a can of soup and maybe fix us a hamburger? I've got to do some thinking.' obediently Allie went into the kitchen and prepared the meal. They ate in silence. Allie realized how glad she was that Mama and Harry were gone. If they were home they were either kissing or drinking or fighting and kissing. Either way it was awful. Finally Lucy said 'she'll never change.'


' Mama. She's a boozer, and if it isn't one guy it will be another, until she just runs out of all the men alive. But I can't leave you with Harry...'

leave Lucy couldn't be leaving...

'So get packed.' Lucy said ,' If that creep is starting to paw you, you're not safe here. we're going to take the bus to New York.' Then she reached and tousled Allie's hair 'God alone knows how I'll manage when we get there sparrow but I promise I'll take care of you.'


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