Weep not, my lady

Allie Lange is an actress who lives in the shadow of her older sister Lucy. And then Lucy gets murdered

Accused of her murder is international celebrity Liam Payne, Lucy's handsome fiancé. The chief witness for the prosecution is Allie Lange.

Before the trial Allie goes to an exclusive world-famous beauty spa, Higgins point- to relax. But at the spa are congregated men and women who had cause to love-or hate- Lucy La Salle. And one of them is determined that Allie will not live to testify...


2. Chapter 1 Saturday, August 29, 1987

American Flight 111 Rome began circling on its final approach on Kennedy airport. Allie pressed her forehead against the glass, usually this was Allie's favourite part of the end of a trip. But not this time.

'Lovely sight isn't it' next to her was a young man looking around the age of 20, 25 he smiled politely opening his book, Allie was relived she had no intention on having a long boring conversation with a stranger. But she agreed it was a lovely sight. 'This is my fourth time to Italy' her seatmate continued 'And the last time going in August. Tourists all over the place and its so terribly hot. What countries have you visited?' the plane banked and began its final descent into Kennedy Airport. Allie decided it was just easier to give a direct answer as to be non-commercial. 'Well im and actress I was working on a film in Venice.'

'Great. You remind me a little of Candy Bergen at first. You're just about as tall as she is and have the same lovely blonde hair as well as beautiful blue-grey eyes... Im Louis by the way. should I know your name?' he said blushing

'Not at all' there was a faint bump as the plane landed on the run way and began taxiing. to avoid any more questions, Allie made business of pulling her carry-on bag from under the seat and checking its contents. If Lucy were here, she thought, there wouldn't be any questions at all about identifying her. Everyone knew Lucy Lasalle. But Lucy would have been in first-class, not tourist. Would have been. After all these months, it was time reality of her death set in. As Allie walked out of the airport she waved for a taxi. She sat there reading the headline of a newspaper that someone had left behind "Trial begins September 8" she read on picking up the paper: "A visibly angry judge Michelle Harrison scathingly denied further postponements in the murder trial of international celebrity Liam Payne's" the rest of the page was filled with blown up photos of Liam's face. There was a stunned bitterness in his eyes, a rigid set on his mouth. it was the picture that had been snapped after he learned that the grand jury had indicted him for the murder of his fiancée, Lucy Lasalle.



please let me know if its good because I am very critic to my own work ill update again soon. and remember like and favourite and sorry for short chapter I promise the next one will be a long chapter <3


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