I Hate You & You Hate Me-Harry Styles-

Casey Henderson hates One Direction's Harry Styles. He's a player. He gets every girl he lays his eyes on. He's the flirt in the group and thinks he can get any girl he wants. What would happen when Casey gets to babysit baby Lux and Harry comes into the picture? Will they hate each other? Will they fall in love? Will they ignore each other. Read this if you want to find out!


1. Oh No!

Casey's P.O.V





"Casey? Casey?"I heard Lou call my name from downstairs. "In the room."I called back going through my mail. "Hey, Cass. What are you doing?"Lou asked walking into my room. "Hey. Nothing, just enrolling this university that I wanted to go to."I said. 


"Prinston?"She asked and I nodded. I've always wanted to go to that school. I've never questioned why I wanted to go to Prinston, I just want to. "Why? What's up?"I asked closing down my laptop.


"Well, Tom was thinking to take me on a special date today cause it's our 25th anniversary but I've got no one to look after Lux and I was hoping you would since you know her too well."Lou said and I smiled.


"Aww congrats and no problem just leave her to me. What time do you want me to be there?"I asked he and she grinned. "Thank you so much, Cass. Six would be fine."She smiled. "Okay, I'll be there. I'll just go freshen up and I'll see you there."I said and she nodded hugging me.


"Thank you so much! Your the best, Cass."She said and I laughed. She waved and walked out of my bedroom and I quickly filled out the enrolment form and ran to the bathroom to take a nice warm shower.




"Okay, so Lux is sleeping but when she wakes up jus-"


"Lou, I know what to do."I laughed. "Just so and have fun."I said pushing them out the door. "Oh and help yourself with anything in the fridge."Tom called out and I laughed. "I'll call you if something goes wrong."I waved and closed the door.


I made my way to the living room and flipped on the TV watching Spongebob. I went through my bag and got out my laptop going through the Prinston University site and looking at what the school is like.


My phone rang and I grabbed it out of my pocket. "Hello?"I answered. "Hey, sweetie. How's everything going?"Dad asked. "Hey, Dad. Everything is going well here. I just enrolled for Prinston University and I'm babysitting Lux tonight cause Lou and Tom are celebrating their 25th anniversary."I said.


"Honey, make sure the doors are lock and everything is secu-"


I heard the door creak and I got chills rolling up and down my spine. "Honey? Honey, what's going on?"Dad asked, worried in his tone. "Uhm..I'll call you back..uhm Lux is crying."I lied and turned off the cell phone.


I placed it down on the couch and stood up making my way to the front door and it was open?! I was freaking out right! What if a murderer broke into the house? What if it was a rapist? I forgot to bloody lock the door! Shit shit shit!


I searched the walls for the lights and couldn't find the switch anywhere. The kitchen was pitch black and I could barely see anything besides the little light shining from the lamp in the living room and the lights from the hallway.


I finally managed to find the switch and quickly turned it on and a tall body with a bunch of curls was standing in front of the fridge and I screamed bloody murder.


I opened the drawer and got out a spatula? Wow smart choice Casey. The boy turned around and his eyes widen and he screamed like a girl, which I would laugh at but right now is not the time.


"Who are you?! And what are you doing at Lou's house?!"He yelled and then he looked up and it was Harry Styles.


"Who are you? Wait, don't answer that."I said putting away the spatula. This is the boy that I hate the most. I ignored his question and made my way back to the front door and made sure it was locked this time.


I heard Lux crying from the room and I ran upstairs to get her. "So who are you?"Harry asked again this time standing outside the door. "None of your business. Popstar. Wait and why are you even here?"I asked handing Lux her teddy bear.


"That is for me to know and for you to not."He said and I rolled my eyes. Great, now I have to spend a few more hours with this moron...















A/N: My very first story. What do you guys think? Leave comments below and I will update soon! Smile x

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