The Troubled Times Of Perseus Jackson!

This is my first story on here. The story is about a boy who is the offspring of Poseidon and Neptune/ Hestia and Vesta. Raised by Hades. This is a story of how he grows up to save the world from a dangerous threat. You read about how he struggles to overcome barriers that appear in his way. This is the story about Percy Jackson, The son of Greece and Rome, The first and last child of the sea and flames.


5. Chapter 5 - An unplanned enemy

She turned around and a huge smile grace her lips "Percy....


Chapter 4

"Percy... my boy, how are you?" said my apparent dead mother. "Mum, I have been fine, but you will never guess what." I cried. My mum started laughing at me, and then said "Go on then, what is it?" I then froze up and looked at Hestia, who had determined look on her face and she simply nodded. So I turned around and told my mum "Well I have these ultra cool fire powers, and some other thing like i can regenerate in water." My mum looked shcked at first, but then slowly nodded her head and agreed " Yeah they are cool aren't they, they must come from Hestia, your other mum." Whilst looking directly at my other mum, Hestia. "I knew Poseidon would tell you sooner or later."  Hestia saiid laughing. "Yeah he could never keep secrets from me." My mum said. We all started laughing my mum, because she was remincing her time with Poseidon, my other mum Hestia, because she was so relieved that my other mum was ok with it and me because my two loving parents were happy. Hades was also laughing, but more of a nervous "chuckle". and persephone left half way through. I asked Hades "Why are you so nervous uncle Hades?" Hades let loose another round of strangled laughter and answered " see..." but cut short after the glares before saying , more collectively, "ok fine, Poseidon, found out about what happened to you Sally, and he kinda dusted Ares, Dionysus and Zeus in his rage, before Artemis shot his knees and Hermes restrained him, and because they are olympians and if someone kills them they reform almost instantly and zeus got angry and started attacking Poseidon to force out what was up with him, with his master bolt. After about 2 days of none stop attacks Poseidon finally gave up after Zeus said " Fine if you don't tell me, i will take it out on your sister Hestia" To say Hestia was angry would be like saying would be saying that Ares likes pink hair, both of which are false, no she had raw fury coursing through her vains, and she shouted "CARRY ON!" Hades gulped and nodded "Ok, well Poseidon then said don't you dare and besides you can't get her shes in the underworld with my son, in elysium to be exact, visiting a queen amongst women, who didn't deserve to die, then Poseidon had a look of realization on his face so he cursed on the river Styx once he realised he said he had a son." Hestia had a look of gratitude upon her face before getting teary "Well tell him I said thank you, please" Hestia asked. Lord Hades chuckled before he went into deep thought "I will do and how about I raise percy, and before you say no, think about it, he will most like be the child of the great prophecy, you know what Zeus shall do if he is!" That though made Hestia and Sally shiver. Hestia looked to sally for her verdict as she was also his mother. "Yeah I think we should, definately." Hades had a genuine look of happiness on his face, which was soon wiped of it when he saw Hestia looking. Just at this peaceful moment, thunder rumbled overhead, and Hades got agitated. "You should all go now, I can't stop Zeus finding out forever." Then another wave of thunder was heard over head. Yes you're right we should go, and Hades" Hestia said when Hades and Percy turned around to leave. "Yes my darling sister!" Hades said and Hestia smiled "Thank You so so much" With that she vanished in a swirl of flames, and Sally drifted back to Elysium. Hades turned round to me and said "Now, do you want a proper tour of the underworld..."


Five years later -

Hack, slash, parry, duck and roll was my method against my trainer, he swung to my left side and I raised my gleaming bronze, silver, mortal steel and stygian iron, in other words, the ulimate killing machine, up to block the strike but my trainer anticipated this, and diverted course to my now unprotected right hand side, so I was forced to duck and roll unless I wanted to be turned into mangled flesh on the floor. I shadow travelled to the back of my opponent, and raked my sword against his back, a deadly strike to anyone but him, it just bounced off of him. If it had been a one metal sword it would of splintered into pieces against the curse of achilles but as this sword was four metals , it can with stand even a blow aginst the god of forges himself's hammer. The vibrations which were caused upon inpact, forced me to drop my sword as it jarred my hand. My opponent saw this as an oppotunity so he grabbed a spear from his back and threw with all his might, I had just enough time to avoid the projectile, which landed a millimeter away from my face, creating a thin shallow, jagged line down my cheek. I was panting fast on the ground, trying to reach my sword before the trainers sword impaled me, my fingers brushed the cold handle, nearly there, a little bit further, yes got it. I rolled to the side, and just in time again as my opponents sword impaled the ground, to the hilt. As he tried to wrench it free, I slowly sunk into the shadows, as to not arose suspision from my trainer. I reapeared behind him, and pressed the cold, sharp edge of the blade into the throat of my opponent. I positioned my body infront of his and put a leg behind his, like in judo, and pushed, he fell to the floor with a bang. Before he could react, I placed a foot on his chest, and the tip of my blade to his neck and asked "Do you yeild?" he just replied with a small but noticeable nod of his head, I seathed my sword, and stuck out my hand to help him up, he grabbed it and hoisted himself up. Pulling me down in the process. He put his foot on me and laughed "Remember, never give your opponent chance, as on the battelfield, you should imagine everyone on the opposing side, as the person who killed your mother, they won't offer you the same deal!" I nodded at this vital infomation, a little bit angry thinking about the man who killed my mother. " Thank you teacher!" I said sincerely, he just laughed before he mock glared at me " How many times have I told you, just call me Achilles, being called teacher makes me feel old" he said whilst cringing at the thought. "Dude, you're like three thousand years old, if that doesn't qualify as old, then the world has lost all meaning!" I said whilst shaking my head in mock pity. "You really are old, aren't you?" and with that remark I pegged it back to the big black castle in the distance, chortling with laughter.


A short while later in the real world -

3rd person POV:

Artemis and her hunters were preparing for yet another monster hunt, not that she didn't like it or anything as she is the goddess of the hunt. She was just worried about her hunters, they were getting really tired from the constant hunting, and the mature of the hunt, now these were ordinary monster like dracanea or hellounds, no they have faced the chimera, enchidna, a hydra and medusa all in three days, they werw seriously getting tired and in need of a rest. Despite all of this, Artemis' hunters were looking forward to this hunt as it was a beast they have been on the trail of until a lot more monsters came, but it was also a rescue mission so they were a bit more excited. What was up was that 2, apparent, children of the big three were supposed to be in danger from a  powerful monster or monsters. 10 minutes later all the hunters were ready to move so they broke camp and hiked away into the snow covered mountains. They hiked for 3 hours non stop until they finally saw the gleaming drawbridge castle. The decided to make camp on the outskirts of the area so they could monitor who or what goes inside. She felt a large pull of beings inside the middle of the castle, 7 in total. A costly mistake was thinking that these energies were the resue party, the satyr and the 2 children of the big three, wance she saw these energies with her senses as she did a scan of the area, she went back to helping her hunteresses and letting them rest, she failed to notice an energie at the entrance before 4 more joined it. 2 energies in the lobby and one energy arriving at the back of the school, seemingly out of no-where. She laid her head down to reat herself, and it just seems as though she only just went to sleep before her leuitenant started shaking her arm. She sat right to attention, and asked "Is everything ok Zoë?" Zoë replied by saying " The two children are being took to the back of the castle, we tried to intervene but 6 momsters came out of no-where, there was the chimera, the maticore and Medusa, they were 3 of the 6 I saw." Zoë's voice held a bit of self guilt for not being strong enough, Artemis sekng this jumped up and pulled Zoë along with her "Come on, we have got some monsters to kill!" Artemis said as a little motivational speech which got the hunters to their feet and a roar of approval which was quickly followed by silence as they didn't want to alert the monsters they were coming. They silently crept through the woods like panthers, They kept sneaking until they saw a clearing up a head with voives coming from it, they looked at each othet and a silent agreement was made. Artemis held up three finger and dropped one, then the next and then the last one dropped and the hunters charged with a deafening roar which was soon replaced by screams coming from said roarers as they became ensnared in traps to which only the leader dodged, Artemis was always nimble ln her feet. Anyway Artemis looked at her hunters entrapment and thought that they were well designed, then she heard someone clear their throat, she turned around and her mouth dropped "Oh shit!!" was all she said.




Percy's POV

I went into my bedroom after a grueling training session with Achilles, which mind you, I won. Wait, so whats that now, 1 to me and about 527 to Achilles. I know right, anyway I just arrived into my room, took off my clothes and jumped in the shower.

You see whenether I get in a shower or any pool/ body of water, I feel more regenerated which comes from Poseidon being my godly parent and me inheriting some of his powers and all that yada yada yada. I let the cool water roll off my scar filled skin and watched it drip into the plug.

I clambered out of the shower, only to slip on the slippery surface and crack my head on the side of the sink. I pushed myself off the ground and shook my head a few times to get rid of the spots dancing in my vision. I stumbled out of the bathroom and onto my bed, wrapped in my towel and went under the covers. Even though it is only 10:00 am in Los Angeles, time works differently here. All I am saying is that if I went to Los Angeles, I would have a major, major case of jet lag. My training session really took it out of me, even if I was in water, this training was the worse I have ever had. So it was no suprise to me that as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was catching some ZZZZ's. And as per usual, I had nightmares of the cursed jagged knife raking down my body, In the hands of Gabe Ugliano, emphasis on the "ugli". I mean he looked like a gigantic tuskless walrus, with three hairs on top of his mainly bald head. Colmbed over so his head looks like a baldish Danny Zuko from Grease.

Dream Mode:-

I am climbing the stairs after I came home from Primary School (I think it is Pre-school for Americans and stuff) and everyone was teasing me because of my scars, they don't know the whole truth, what I go through everyday, trying to save my mum. I walk through the front door, to hear my mother and Gabe arguing about something. When I saw Gabe raise his hand and my mum flinch, I knew I had to do something. So I screamed and ran across the room, jumped at Gabe, landing on his pregnant belly, only to be picked up and thrown on the floor by Gabe. He started kicking me when I was down. My mum tried to intervene but Gabe just looked at her with his beady eyes and said "Shut the fuck up bitch" whilst picking something up and throwing it at her. It was a 3inch long jagged knife, the one that has tortured me for the past 4-5 years. It sunk into her collarbone and got lodged in there. He went sauntering over there which indicates he has had a few beers. He wrenched the stainless steel knife out of my mum and started making jagged motions with his hand! A pool of thick, warm blood slowly falling out of several deep gashes across my mums neck and torso. Pooling around his feet. He started laughing and he droppend my mums lifeless figure and turned to me, he slurred out " You're neeeeeexxxt, you little baaastard" and charged at me. I was scared. He came shakily towards me, he was delerious. He came closer, only to vere of to the side and crash into a support beam. He dropped to the floor with a loud oooommmppph. I took this as an oppotunity to run. I reached the door and turned back to see Gabe trying to get up, only that he was to big, and he fell back down. I fumbled for the door handle, If I go on my tiptoes I might just reach it. There, ahaa, yes I've got it. I threw the door behind me and ran with all my might to central park just across the road, and didn't stop running, images of my mum's lifeless form sinking to the floor and the sadistic grin plastered on gabes face as well as the madness of his small, black beady eyes.

Real World:-

I woke up in cold sweat. I quickly looked around the room to see if it was true. Thank the gods it wasn't. I lied down on the bed panting. Still scared from the event of my nightmare. I calmed myself enough to think rashionally. I heard a knock on my bedroom door. A skeletal voice said "Lord Hades requests your immediate presence!" I thought about what my father could possible want, whilst absent mindedly saying to the skeleton "Thank You!"

I stumbled along the dark, dimly lit passage way, looking at the flickering flames in holsters. They always calm me down, albiet the fire is hellfire, an extremely dangerous substance which can burn through anything, which also mind you, was a dark colour. It seems as though everything here is dark coloured. It probably comes with Hades' demeanour. Cold, dark and collective. I kept walking until I reached a small brown door. I squeezed through it and it lead me into an open room, with 3 obsidian thrones. 2 of which were occupied. Hades in the centre and perephone to the left. I strolled over to my adopted dads right and sunk into my suprisingly comfy throne and asked "Hey dad, so what did you need?" Hades turned to me with a grimace upon his face

"Zues has sent Artemis and her huntresses to collect some of my children and I need you too rescue them." Lady Persephone grimaced and then scowled

"I still can not believe you cheated on me!" She interrupted. Hades had a genuine look of guilt on his face "I know my darling dove, but these were children from 410 - 415 hundred years ago, there minds are washed from the lethe after 400 years in the lotus casino. Please let me save them, I don't want to know what Zeus will do to them." Persephone didn't look to thrilled, but she then slowly started to nod her head. "Ok, but you better have no more unless it's with me." Hades looked happy and turned to Percy "Ok so they are at Westover Hall and be careful of Artemis and her huntresses, they reqlly don't like men!" I shivered in his throne, grimacing at the thought of seeing Pheobe again because last time she nearly killed me. "Ok, so when do I leave." Hades just looked at me and smirked "Now!" As soon as Hades said that, my body staryed to shadows before slowy dissaperating in the small draft of the throne room.

I reapered behind the back of the school dressed in black assassins creed attire, then I heard a voice in my head belonging to my dad "My children will be coming round the back past you anytime soon, there are also multipul numbers of enemies waiting for the kids, please be careful and save my children, son." I nodded in determination. My dad was right, 2 children who had olive skin, dark, silky hair and black eyes, like Hades' were being lead somewhere by a big, fat, old lady. I followed closely behind as they were lead to a cliff which held 8 beings. 5 monsters and 5 human like beings including the 2 children, the old lady and some titans. I was at the borders of the clearing when I heard them say "We don't have much time, them blasted huntresses will be hear soon..." The titan who appeared to be on fire was saying before, wait is that... is that Medusa who interrupted, it was "No problem Hyperion, we ambushed the huntressssesss' and have ssset up trapsss around the perimetre!" Hyperion looked as though he didn't expect that and laughed "Well done Medusa, you have out done yourself this time. Medusa nodded and slithered away back to the rest of her crew consisting of her, the chimera, the manticore, the minotaur and the nemean lion. When I thought ot couldn't get any harder I looked at the other five. It consisted of the 2 children of Hades, the big, fat lady and the two titans, hyperion the flame covered titan as well as Krios, the onea with rams horns on his head. "Ahh, Enchidna, How nice of you too join us, and I see you have the children with you, good job." the old lady went back to the other monsters and the chimera bounded of to Enchidna and lay on the floor infront of us. "Ok, now to deal with our so called reacuers." Hyperion said, and as soon as he did say that, a war cry was heard from the trees. 10-15 girls charged through into the clearing and 5 more jumped from the trees, including Pheobe, Zoë and Artemis. All the hunters now on the ground, had a stronger attacking formation and they advanced. Only to get 3 feet before miniture greekfire explosions caused them to jump further to avoid it, straight into the waiting arms of rope traps which suspended them in the air by their feet. I saw Artemis look around and say "Oh Shit" I started laughing, just like the typical hunters to think they are above everyone else and can not be beat. Except for they now have. I only realised my mistake to late, I had given away my position. I stayed silent hoping they will not find me, but luck didn't hold out. Medusa and the manticore had grabbed me round my neck and arms nefore I could even say 'bed' I was dragged into the middle of the clearing and sat infront of Hyperion and Krios. I turned to face Artwmis and said "Tsk Tsk Artemis, swearing infront of children, isn't that one of the traits a man has, don't tell me your becoming a guy, haha" Artemus just stared at me in shock before she glared at me with a deep hatred of men "Perseus, What in Hades' name are you doing here?" I just laughed at her beforw I realised what she said

"Hey don't use my fathers name as a cuss word and if you really must know, I am here to save my brother and si..aggghh" Was all I could get out before Medusa sunk her claws into my neck, leaking blood down my clothes and the she forced me to look at the 2 titans. "Ha, what have we got here, another child of hades, he obviously isn't the child of the prophecy, he was defeated by 2 monsters and so easily, child of hades, bah, more like child of bunnies." Said Krios. Meanwhile, Percy looked downright angry at the insult, I will show you how much power I have got, I thought in his head. I sunk into the shadows and reapered behind Krios with a pitch black sword and raked it down his back, a lethal blow. It made Krios cry out in pain and drop to his knees. A perfect angle for a beheading and a trip to tartarus. I raised my sword in the air and prepared to swing when a flying projectile hit me in my right shoulder. My sword arm, just the force of the blow made me drop my sword in pain, not to mention the poison seeping into my blood. I heated up my blade, ripped out the projectile and started to cauterize the wound. It took arpund 5 seconds so I was lucky I found a tree to hide behind. I walked out a minute later and charged. Another projectile came at me, which I narrowly avoided. As I advanced this time, I straigjtened out my hand and concentrated really hard. I could feel the stress of brain hammering away at my skull. It's a hard to make a shadow form in midair, especially with poison in me but I managed. A black jagged line appeared in the air like a crack. I reached my hand through the shadow, but it didn't come out the other side. No. What it is, Is a pocket in the shadows, which means I have to store something in a shadow and then I will be able to have it again somewhere else, or to put it simpler, shadow travelling for objects. Anyway, I brought out a celestial bronze sheild with pictures of great battles engraved on it. The trojan war, The world wars and many more. Anyway, I kept running towards the manticore and the other monsters, all the while deflecting projectlies from the manticore, off my shield. He started to grow infuriated and his shots became wilder and more off target. As I reached him, I baseball slid under him and out the other end. I jumped to my feet straight away and turned around. The manticore was too slow to react. It startee turning but my sword was already coming down before you heard a chopping noise and saw a tail roll around on the floor. The manticore reared back on pain and looked at me with a murerous glint in his eye. I gulped and took a step back. Only to find out that Enchidna was there. She grappled my arms but she succeeded in restraining me. The manticore advanced on me slowly, as if he was savouring the kill. His sharp fangs, glinting in the sunlight. His hands seemed to of grown claws. As he finally reached me, he dug his claws into my shoulders, and the ripped them out, making me scream in pain. As I did this, he lifted he giant paw and prepared to strike me. I saw his paw advancing to my face..



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