The Troubled Times Of Perseus Jackson!

This is my first story on here. The story is about a boy who is the offspring of Poseidon and Neptune/ Hestia and Vesta. Raised by Hades. This is a story of how he grows up to save the world from a dangerous threat. You read about how he struggles to overcome barriers that appear in his way. This is the story about Percy Jackson, The son of Greece and Rome, The first and last child of the sea and flames.


4. Chapter 4 - A vistit to a parent

To say i was shocked would be an understatement. A mysterious woman, hovering infront of you, with eyes of fire, flickering in the wind, and she says she is your mother, well you'd be shocked, considering you just saw your mum die infront of you. "You can't be my mommy, she died two days ago by my weally mean step daddy." replied a very depressed voice, coming from young perseus, who gains a lisp when upset. Hestia just stared at Perseus sadly. Thats what made Artemis snap back into reality, " yeah you can't be his mother unless you broke your oath, no it can't be,ohh, it makes sense why a few years ago you were upset about a boy getting abused,it was Perseus wasn't it and why you were looking at him through the hearth, YOU BROKE YOUR OATH." Artemis sceamed with disgust and betrayl evident in her eyes for Hestia having a man steal her heart. "Who is his father Hestia?" Artemis asked a lot calmer, and sensible, but still with raw fury. "Poseidon and Neptune as the queen amongst women, as Poseidon calls her, must of brought his two aspects together, she must of been special to make Poseidon lose control like that, and she was special, she was also my only champion, and ultimately sired Poseidons child." hestia said sadly


"you broke your oath to Poseidon, how could you sire a god without Zeus knowing?" Artemis said hotly, forgetting the fact that Hestia just said a woman ( Hestia's champion) brought Poseidonds aspects together.


Hestia just stared at Artemis in shock, which slowly turned into anger "You dare think so lowly of me Artemis. You dare belittle me, well I will tell you something, Hera, she gave me an idea, which meant i can have a child as a mortal, but i did i accept it, no as it would mean i would break my oath, haha, I knew Poseidon had been seeing a woman, but he was prepared to wait until she was ready, and so when she was, i asked Poseidon wether or not i could swap her egg cells with mine, so she would still be having a child created in her womb, but with my egg cells. Poseidon agreed to these terms, and that's how Perseus or percy as he likes to be called, was made, he is not a god, he is a child of Hestia and Vesta, as she made my egg cells go from just hestia to hestia and vesta. He is the child of Rome and Greece, the first child of the Sea and Flame." On that note Hestia and percy vanished in wall of flames, Hestia leaving with one last message, " He is my boy, and he shall not be hurt or face my wrath!"\par


Still Percy's POV:


Hestia and I appeared in a wall of flames, in a black and gloomy courtyard and a gleaming, glossy black palace with gates as high as house shimmered into view, straight out of the shadows, skeletal warriors with blank faces and no skin, making me feel scared. They were guarding all exits and entrances. "Hades open up!" Hestia or my mummy shouted to open space, making me think she was crazy, until slowly the house sized gates opened slowy, creekily and eerily, like in those scary movies my adopted mum said i shouldn't watch, but i always did. Anyway, the gates slowly creaked open until an obsidion room filled with 2 thrones and skeletal guards all around the sides. 2 figures were sat on the thrones tallking whilst watching us approach. On the smallest throne was a beautiful woman with flowing brown hair and lawn green eyes with a ring of black around them, this must be persephone, and on the biggest throne was a handsome, but with sharp, mean features, shoulder length oily black hair, the eyes of a genius or that of a madman. His eyes boring into mine, as though he was saying he was to be treated with respect, this had to be Hades. Hades looked at my mommy and said " Is this the child you wanted me to allow to be able to see a soul in Elysium?" Percy was shocked that his mum would do this for him, but he was wondering who he would be seeing when Hestia said " Yes it is my dear brother, please would you allow him to see Sally jackson, his mother, please?" My eyes widened to the size of tennis balls, they started watering at the thought of seeing my dead mum again. "Of course i will Hestia, I would do anything for the person who has been the nicest to me and made me feel less of an outcast upon olympus, minus my dear wife here. Yes please follow me." said Hades with a look of gratitude in his voice and face. And so we followed him, past over a trillion ghouls, past the judges table, past a haunted looking greveyard with pits of fire, screams of agony of tortured souls, the fields of punishment. No, we didn't stop there, thank the gods, no we carried on walking until gleaming, gold gates loomed infront of us, casting a shadow over our heads. There was 3 people who looked like they were guarding the entrance. What hades said next shiocked me yet again "Everybody i would like you too meet, Theseus, slayer of the Minotaur, and the same as you percy, a child of poseidon, Perseus, your namesake, slayer of the gorgan medusa, and a child of Zeus and last but not least Achilles, slayer of the prince of troy, hector, invulnerable all over his body except for his heel, the three protectors of Elysium. Now onwards we go." So yet again we followed him after i got over my shock at seeing three of the greatest hero's ever. As we walked through the gates of Elysium, I heard birds chirping in the trees, little log cabins with smoke billowing out of the chimnies, small bakeries with delicious odours filling up my senses. Parks with little children playing on them and the sounds of enjoyment mad my mommy Hestia sigh. We carried on walking past Elysium civilians, who were bowing to the three gods, Hades, Hestia and Persephone. We carried on walking until we saw a lone figure, sitting on the bench next to a large forest with giant oak trees. As we got closer i recognised the figure, and i broke down crying, I ran towards her with tears streaming from my eyes, i just couldn't beleive it, her was my dead mother. She turned around and a huge smile grace her lips "Percy..."

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